I Blood-Curdling *heart* Samhain.

Remember what I said about having hopes for Dorchester?  Well, those hopes have become my horrific dreams.  And I mean that in the terrifyingly, nicest way possible.  😆

Samhain has scored the amazing Don D’Auria from Dorchester to start a new horror line that will launch in October.  I did a Snoopy-dance *squeeeeeeee* when I had heard the news.  Even though I’ve done enough searching on the internet to see that the news has already hit the Horror communities, Christina Brashear will be making an official announcement on Monday. 

Not only is it good to hear that Don landed somewhere, it’s even better to know that he’s a part of Samhain.  I am beyond excited.  Writer fans of Brian Keene, Nate Kenyon, and Wraith James White start whipping your manuscripts into shape. 

BUT, I ain’t giving up my Anne Scott for nobody.  She’s da bomb.  🙂

A huge congrats to Don.  You’re going to love it here.


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