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Huck Finn

Leave Mark Twain alone!  😡  I’m not a fan of the N-word, but I’m a fan of Mark Twain’s purpose behind using it 200+ times throughout his novel.  He wanted to depict that particular time in history and what culture was like in those days.  Replacing the word does nothing.  If anything, I feel like it demeans a part of our history or tries to sweep it under the rug like it never happened.  NOTHING will ever erase those memory.  Granted, I didn’t live in those days, but I’ve relived the Jim Crow laws via my grandmother’s angery eyes whenever she sits down and shares her stories of growing up in the south.   The N-word is all of our history, the good, the bad, and mostly the ugly.  I want to remember it because it’s a constant reminder of how far we’ve come and how much further we have to go. 

So leave Twain alone!!!

Ted Williams

If you haven’t seen this video, then you don’t own a computer or have a TV.  I swear, every time I hear this guy’s voice, it’s haunting.  His story would make a great lesson for those who are hooked on drugs and alcohol and think they can’t make it back or that there aren’t any second chances.  You just never know.  Thankfully, he has a happy ending.  The happy ending we all hope for someday. 

The part that really got my eyes a tad teary was to know that he was on a plane to see his mother who he hadn’t seen in 10 years.  I could be wrong, but I think he wanted that more than anything anyone could ever offer.  Luckily, he has a bunch of those too.  😉


The biggest news on the web block these days has to do with Borders.  So, I’ll first ask, “Have you heard the news?”  If not, here are a bunch of links to get you started:

Borders Delays Payments to Publishers

Two Borders Execs Resign; B&N Issues Statement On ‘Special Terms’

Borders, Post-Mortem

In case you can’t tell by the titles, Borders isn’t doing so good…or is it well?  Anyway, they’re hurting and have been for a while.  They remind me of Dorchester who has also been in a death spiral with no hopes of pulling out.  But believe it or not, I have more faith in Dorchester.  Borders?  Not so much.  My reasoning for this has to do with my own shopping habits.  I’ll hit up Amazon to save a few bucks before I will my local bookstore. 

Borders has been very kind to romance writers and most of it–I think–is due in part to bookseller Sue Grimshaw.  She was a guest at our local RWA chapter a few months back and can easily be ranked as one of the best guests of all-time.   Not only is she tall and pretty–yeah, I’m jealous  🙂 –but she really knows her stuff when it comes to what sells and what does from book covers, to author promotions, to the stories themselves.  If she loses her job, I’ll be very sad. 

So these are some of the things I’ve come across this week.  Comments?  Anything you’d like to share?


8 thoughts on “This and That

  1. The Ted Williams story is awesome. It sounds like he’s getting job offers. I hope I hear him on TV saying voice overs soon.

    I agree about Mark Twain. Leave his words as is.

    As for Borders, yes, it’s sad. I saw Sue Grimshaw speak on a panel in Orlando. She’s so good and passionate about romance. If Borders does fold, I hope she’ll get snapped up by someone else.

    • I think she will, Edie. I was worried abot Leah and Don at Dorchester. As of my reply, I don’t have to worry anymore. Though it might take a little time, I can easily see Sue being snatched up by someone who knows their stuff about the romance industry. After all, everyone KNOWS how well romance is selling. Why not hire someone who’s played an important role in that?

  2. I have to say, I was surprised when I heard Ted Williams speak. His voice sounds like it’s already enhanced with a microphone. I hope he is able to take advantage of all the offers coming his way and turn his life around.

    I think if they change Mark Twain’s Huck Finn, it will diminsh it. My children asked me to buy a few copies so we can have the original version. J my oldest said, “It’s like trying to say that period didn’t exist or they are trying to hide it.” I agree, it may have been an ugly period in our time but, like it or not it’s a part of our history. You can’t do anything to change the past but, you can make a better future.

    I agree with you about Borders and even my local book store. I order from Amazon or purchase from Walmart now. Hardcovers from the bookstore cost $25 to $28. Ordering from Amazon is $18.50 delivered to my house and Walmart is $17.50. Why would I buy from the local book store? Paperbacks are cheaper at Walmart. I don’t see Borders or any other bookstores pulling out of their downward spiral unless they learn how to price their books competitively. Now a days, every penny/dollar counts and consumers want more for their buck

    • You know, my mom mentioned the same thing to me about Huck Finn, that we should buy a copy and keep it. We’re going to the bookstore tomorrow (probably not Borders) to do just that. I want to be able to share that story with Baby G. I want her to know what her great-great grandmother and her great grandmother had to go through, since she might never hear it through their voices like I had the priviledge of doing.

      Oh, and I so know what mean by buying at Walmart. For some reason, I had completely forgotten that they sell books, so I never bothered going to their section until the last year or so. One look at those prices and I was sold. They will always be the first place I look when I’m hoping for a bargain on a book.

  3. I guess I don’t have a TV or computer because I have not heard the seen the video; I couldn’t see it now because it won’t load *sigh*.

    I feel bad for Borders and many publishers in general, but then I think that Borders kept me waiting for a book (one of yours) for nearly a month, so I feel kind of mean and giggly. The competition is just fierce. Why would you spend $20 on a book when you can get the same exact title for $14?

    Okay, I’m going to search for that damn video. I’m all curious and stuff…

    • OMG. I can’t believe you haven’t seen or heard of this guy. Do I need to take up a collection for you so that we can get you a TV? 😀

      Competition is especially fierce these days when people are watching their cash flow. Books offer a nice, cheap escape, but if they can get it cheaper on Amazon or somewhere else, then Borders is screwed.

  4. Okay, so I just went and listened to the video and browsed to a few articles and I see why were were all shiny eye and stuff. That is an amazing story to begin the year. Thanks for sharing it.

    If you tell anyone that I hadn’t seen it before because I have not turned on my TV in who knows how long, I’ll find you and beat you. I’ll even babysit the angel for a while, just so I can beat you without guilt 😀

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