Signature Lines

I love signature lines.  🙂  I especially like the ones that include a writer’s website and a tagline.  Even a cool title or an idea of what the writer writes.  Most of the time, if it’s a person I don’t know or one I haven’t heard from in a long time, I’ll usually hit up their website or blog for a look-see.  Now that doesn’t mean I’m automatically a fan, but it’s great to see what others are working on and to know that I’m not alone in writing the weird stuff.  😉  If it has anything to do with fantasy or paranormal stuff, I’ll go there even faster.

What I don’t like in signature lines are lines and lines of quotes about the greatness of a book.  I could care less if the writer has won dozens of awards or have rows of fantastic quote from various review sites and/or other authors.  I used to have a tagline that said I received 5 tombstones from Bitten by Books.  Now, that’s not an easy feat to come by, so it’s a huge accomplishment in itself.  I was–am–proud of it, doggone it.  Sure, I wanted to shout it to the world.  But…it annoys me whenever I see more than five lines on a signature AND we haven’t even gotten to the person’s website yet because you have wade through the quote mire.   Every now and then I see it on one of my online loops and it makes want to get away from their post faster than ever. 

It’s not a jealousy thing by any means.  Trust me when I say it takes a lot to make me jealous.  I’m just not that petty.  But this sort of goes along the same lines as an author’s website.  If you clutter it up with a bunch of junk, you’ll turn readers away.  We don’t like to searching through a needle in what should be a stack of needles.  We want our information quick and easy to find. 

What does your signature line look like?  Here’s mine…

Marcia Colette
THE SPIDER INSIDE HER – Belfire Press – Oct 2011
STRIPPED – available from Samhain

11 thoughts on “Signature Lines

    • Magical Musings is a pretty much a staple of the writing world. It’s a keeper. 🙂 In fact, your entire signature is a keeper because it’s nowhere nears as overwhelming as some I’ve seen. You don’t have buy links and quotes and sample passages posted everywhere.

    • That’s prett much my signature line, too. I like having my current release and my upcoming release in my signaure line because that answers any questions about what I have coming out next without necessarily having to go to my website to sift out the information. The funny thing is once I came across your website, the rest didn’t matter. I’m going there to check you out, girlfriend.

  1. Your signature line is short and to the point. I like it. I’ve noticed that professional writers such as yourself, keep it to a minimal. Not only your signature lines but, your websites and blogs as well are minimal.

    • When I think about stuff like this, I like it clean and simple and to the point. If I have to search for stuff, it’s an instant turnoff. I think most writers think along those same lines. They want to help their readers find their stuff. Not have to wade through it.

  2. I agree. I get irritated when someone sticks a big honkin’ signature line at the end of their emails. No unnecessary. I try to keep with four lines which include my name, email add, website and also the website of MagicalMusings. More than enough. Forget quotes. Yuck.

    • big honkin’ signature line at the end of their emails

      Well said! That’s exactly how I see it. I feel that anything more than four lines starts to get overwhelming and will steer me away fast. I don’t need quotes, contest wins, or anything else because I don’t care.

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