Move over werewolves and werecats.  I’m making room for shapeshifting spiders.  😀  That’s right baby!  THE SPIDER INSIDE HER has found a home with Belfire Press.  Woohoooooooo!

This is a special stories for many reasons.  First, I had the initial draft written in record time (pre-pregnancy), even for me.  Six weeks.  It was one of those stories I’ve always wanted to tell because of the implications.  That leads me to the second reason.  You see, my heroine runs an abuse shelter.  I wouldn’t call myself an abuse victim because all it took was one smack for me to get the hell out of that relationship.  Not the years and years of abuse that some women go through.  Not to mention, I’ve also been a stalking victim, and that scared the hell out of me.  The third reason has to do with a story that had stuck with me for more than ten years.  It was the live news footage of a man who had slammed his two-year-old son to the ground as punishment for his wife leaving him.  She, too, was an abuse victim. 

So what would happen if the abuse victims finally got their justice, but in the supernatural way? 

That “what if” started the ball rolling for this story.  I needed to write it.  Since it took six weeks, I guess my determination spoke for itself. 

What I find cool about this is if you had been watching the thread on Bitten By Books, someone had asked me about future works and I had made a reference to TSIH.  At the time, I had no idea that it was being considered for publication.  That makes this all the more exciting.  For a while I was worried I’d be a one-hit wonder.  I worry no more.  😉

22 thoughts on “SOLD!

      • You’re welcome. LOL for the Ms. “Lust Bites”. I enjoy the shorter works but lately I’m writing both shorter work’s as well as longer. Even dusted off some of my longer books I wrote a long while ago. Coming up with new concepts and so on. My writing is getting longer and evolving. I just love the whole creative process.

        I enjoyed reading how you came up with the concept for your story. Things like that will capture my attention and make me want to read the book. Enjoy all the aspects of ‘seeing’ behind the scenes sort of thing.

    • Thanks, honey! Funny you should say “details.” I’ve had my website ready with the information for weeks now, but I only update it around the first of month. I promise there will be more information soon. I swear.

  1. I’ll admit…the idea of shapeshifting spiders kinda gives me the creeps, but I love the story idea. I think I can put my dislike for spiders aside to read this one.:)

  2. I know many who’ve made spiders into “one-hit-wonders.” LOL Congrats on the sale. WOW, six weeks in the making. I’m put to shame – I’ve been in my wip since 2005. 😦

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