I’m Alive, I Swear

As the title says, I’m alive.  Honest.  Things have been so crazy with the new job, but I bet you’re tired of that old excuse.  Can I still use the baby as one?  😀  Speaking of which, the bumpkin is seven-months old now and beautiful as ever.

So what have I been up to since ConCarolinas?  Well, not much.  Just trying to get my brain wrapped around my new duties in the healthcare field.  But that’s beside the point and I don’t want to talk about work because it’s Friday.  It’s also a holiday weekend, which means no work on Friday.  Well…not IT related work.

Anyway, in case you haven’t noticed, RWA Nationals is coming up and it’s happening in Orlando.  I’m so jealous of those going…but not much.  You see, if I were going, I’d spend the majority of time at Disney and checking out the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios.  I can do that anytime without the extra $1,500 hanging on my back.  So that’s why I’m not going.  Plus, I just started a new job and was only able to get a week off to visit my family in upstate NY.  That takes precedence over any trip I have this year.  Period.  So, that’s what I’m looking forward to.  Grandma hasn’t seen her great grandbaby yet, and I’m not disappointing her. 

Let’s see.  What other things are happening around the blogsphere? 

Well, my buddy Edie has a new website and it’s fabulous.  Not only that, but she’s also releasing her book Cattitude via Smashmouth, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.  I couldn’t be more proud of her right now.  My other buddy, Kalayna Price has joined the cool ranks of Fang, Fur, and Fey (or something like that, but I’m too lazy to look it up).  Anyone and everyone writing urban fantasy knows who they are.  🙂  A wonderful congrats to her.  Oh, and I’m so freakin’ late on this one, but has anyone seen the wonderful Karen Mahoney‘s cover art for her upcoming release The Iron Witch?  I have and it’s phenomenal! 

As for me, I’m still writing and waiting.  Waiting to hear some news from someone on the various projects that I have on numerous submissions (all of them are fulls, I’m proud to say and they’re either with agents or editors).  Writing STRIPPED 2, which had taken a horrendous nosedive into boredom and stalls-ville.  Not anymore.  😈  I’m also working on something that’s more along the lines of a modern-day fantasy instead of an urban fantasy.  I was inspired to start that one while at the new job. 

So that’s it for me.  My weekly roundup, so to speak. 

What have you guys been up to?  Oh, and I don’t have time to reread this because we’re about to head out for Sweet Tomatoes for dinner.  So if you see any grammatical mistakes, pretend like you didn’t.  My mom is giving me the evil eye while the baby planted on her hip is all smiles.  That means it’s time to go before I get dragged out of the house.


10 thoughts on “I’m Alive, I Swear

  1. Thanks for the shout out! You’ve been busy! Sometimes it’s good to step back and concentrate of the basics. I didn’t see any grammatical mistakes. You’re good!

    I’m going to do another revision of Cattitude. This will be a major one, but I hope it’s done in one to two weeks. I keep saying it’s better to be slower and put out the best book I can. But I really want it out yesterday!

    • Not a problem, hon. I tend to scream at the tops of my lungs whenever my friends have something to cheer about. 🙂

      And I agree about taking it slow. Better to put out a great product that you can be proud of than to have someone sending you email about all of your editorial/grammatical errors. Just breathe, hon. You’ll get Cattitude out there and you’ll do it right. I have faith in you.

  2. Completed “Forged in Blood”, I have tackled a few shorts from a collection I want to complete. I will edit those. Then start editing the novel and start another one. 😀

    • LOL! That sounds a lot like me. Always running between edits on one book while trying to start another.

      Oh, I intend to sit down and read your excerpt on your website. I got through the first few lines when the munchkin dragged me away with those big watery eyes and a sagging diaper.

  3. Well Marcia, its nice to know that you’ve emerged from the dregs of work hell. I’m also glad to know that I’m not the only one trudging out to blog. I’m such a bad blogger. Not that I can’t come up with posts, just that I have issues with things i HAVE to do. But I’m getting better at it.

    As for ConCarolinas, I had such a blast finally getting to cozy up in person (i always forget that this thing signs my psuedonym– its Rachel, btw). We have to get together again soon. You really don’t live that far away.

    • But I’m getting better at it.

      😆 That’s one of us. I usually rat myself out to the world before someone does it for me. Whether or not I get better with blogging, I can’t really say. Only that I’ll try.

      Okay, that sounds too much like work. Maybe I need to retract that. 😉

      The funny thing is I had no idea who you were until I read that part about Tally on your blog. You hide your persona well. And yes, we need to get together soon. I’m thinking a writing retreat or something. Now wouldn’t that be cool. Even better if you can recommend a nice haunted hotel or retreat or something in the Carolinas. 😈

      By the way, I’m trying to comment on your blog and it won’t let me. For some reason, the comment box won’t appear. Anyway, I was going to say how about “Beasting the Beauty”? 😀

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