Everyday Conversation

For some reason I can’t explain, I’ve been paying attention to how people interact regardless of where I am.  These are some of the things that had stood out that I want to share.

This happened at the grocery store where Person 1 sounded like a regular customer by the things she said prior.  Person 2 is old enough to be my grandfather and a friendly cashier.  He was the kind of person who probably liked to know his patrons as more than just people handing over money for goods received. 

Person 1: “How are doing, young man.”

Person 2: “I’m doing fine with what I’ve got.  How about you?”

Isn’t that true of most of us?  We’re usually doing fine with what we’ve got because we’re always making lemonade with our lemons.  But isn’t this a great attitude to have whenever you’re looking at your situation?  I love it.  🙂

Here’s another one.  I can’t exactly tell you where this happened or the circumstances, but it was a scene that will stay with me for a while.

Person 1: “So in essence, you’re lying”

Person 2: “No.  I’m just using the truth to my advantage.”

This left me rolling with laughter, along with the rest of the room.  I wish I could share the context with you, but I can’t.  Just trust me when I say it was hilarious and nice to know that someone was bold enough to admit it.  How many times have we all done this?

My buddy Edie has to be one heck of a dialogue expert, though she’ll probably deny it.  She listens to people and writes down what they say if it strikes a chord with her.  Me?  I don’t take the care like she does because it never occurs to me to do so.  After being present on these two occasions, I think I’m going to start listening better now.  🙂

Anything you’ve heard that strikes a cord with you?


10 thoughts on “Everyday Conversation

  1. Marcia, thanks for the shout out. I do listen, but I wish I said things that would make other people write it down. Every once in awhile I do, but I love being around people who say them often. People like you. 🙂

  2. I’m quite the grocery line, or any other kind of line, listener. People are funny (and cruel at times, but mostly funny). Listening to random conversation kind of makes the old saying “everybody has a story to tell” really true. Actually, I’m not sure if that’s an old saying, but it sounded appropriate 😉

    • LOL! I’m with you on being the grocery line listener. Usually, there’s not much to do while you’re waiting, so you might as well enjoy the conversation of others.

      And that’s so true about everyone having a story to tell. I would’ve loved to have known more about my cashier. I’m just going to have to frequent his line.

  3. Sadly, people here are not that interesting. Honestly, it’s the same words in the same sentence patterns over the same topics and that is that. Rather annoying, if you ask me. *shudder* There is nothing to hear, but it’s good to see that somewhere else, it’s worthwhile to listen in.

    • You know, I have a friend in London who said something similar to that. She said conversation among people over there is different than here. I would’ve assumed it would be the same, but I guess it’s based on cultural differences, too.

      I think you should find some old person to talk to, Harry. I’m sure they would have a lot more to say because they’ve been through a lot more stuff than us younglings. 😉

      • Old people are not for me. I am annoyed with them in general. They are slow, repeat themselves and often can talk on and on about the simplest of inconsequential things. And here if they talk, the old bemoan.

        It’s why I call them the Almost Dead.

        • It’s why I call them the Almost Dead.

          LOL! You’re a trip. 🙂

          I love hearing my grandmother tell me stories about growing up in the south here and what it was like with the Jim Crow laws and picking cotton in the fields. It’s hard to believe those hard times were a part of my grandmother’s generation when I feel like they should be hundreds of years behind us. Really interesting stuff.

          Oh, and she also likes telling ghost stories, which is why they scare the heck out of me today.

  4. I listen to conversations all the time, especially after writing some terrible dialogue. LOL. 🙂 It’s amazing what you can observe and pick up.

    • Don’t even go there. I’ve picked up some horrible dialogue whenever I go through revisions. Those conversations I’ve heard in the past help me put my dialogue in context…and sometimes change the whole dynamics of a story.

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