Highlights from RT2010

Thank goodness I took today off to finish recuperating from RT.  Even though I had left on Saturday, I would’ve been a zombie at my desk today.  Plus, I have two manuscripts I want to do a quickie read through to make sure they’re okay before I send them off  their respective agent and editor.  :mrgreen:

So on with my recap…

Most gleeful moment goes to Isabo Kelly and the adorable Jack.  I was so happy to see her there that I could’ve jumped six feet in the air.  Even better, she brought her 21 month ol Jack with her.  Of course, Little Bit, even at 5 months old, seemed to have goo-goo eyes for him.  Given that handsomeness I completely understand why.

Most idiotic moment goes to the weirdo who was using a bible study as a means to pick up women in the hotel.  I kid you not.  A guy comes up to me and my mom and asks us to do a bible study with him.  Now, I’m not the most spiritual person in the world, but I have a Christian background I’m not ashamed to share with people…assuming they ask/care.  But there’s something seriously wrong when you’re trying to hand me your phone number with one hand while you’re holding the bible in the other and outright admitting that you’re trying to pick me up.  That guy got a “You need to move on with that,” from me.

Most fun goes to Dakota Cassidy.  I saw her at a reader’s event with LA Banks and Jackie Kessler where they were doing an American Idol version of dress the hero.  Then, I bumped with her during the fairy ball night (baby got back).  😀  Then, we ran into her again when I had Little Bit and baby girl adored her.  So now I have to ask myself why I’ve never picked up any of her books.  I’ll have to fix that and fast. 

Most jaw-dropping moment goes to too many authors to count.  First, Kelley Armstrong for signing copies of her YA book.  Since it was the first book, which I had already read, I really didn’t want it.  When she found out that some of us were in the same boat, she whipped out copies of the second book (hardcover, baby) and signed those.  I got the last one.  😀  Then, there was Melissa Marr who was also handing out hard copies of the fourth book her YA series–YAYYYYYYYY!  All in all, though I only managed to get half of the books offered at the Avon mixer, I have to give HUGE props to Avon for making that happen.  I got Jocelyn Drake, but missed out on Vicki Pettersen.  I’m not fretting though.  After that event, I would be more than happy to spend the money for a Vicki Pettersen book and more Jocelynn Drake.  Rock on, Avon!

Most drool-worthy moment goes to Barry Eisler.  Okay, so like mom, Little Bit and I were checking out the fitness center.  My mom is a sucker for exercise machines.  LB starting cutting up, so I found a yoga ball to bounce her on at the back of the room.  No mind you, nobody else was in there at the time.  Out of nowhere walks in Barry Eisler.  He started doing push-ups and crunches and all sort of things that would make a girl sweat.  Well, I wasn’t the one leaking fluids.  It was LB.  She stared at him so hard that I thought she’d break her eyes.  Then, the drooling started.  I’d like to think it was because of her teeth coming in, but she like I said, she was staring too hard.  Five months or not, I knew what she was thinking because she was doing enough drooling for the both of us.  Needless to say, I had to leave before he got REALLY hot and sweaty.  😆

Most fun was seeing bunches of urban fantasy authors at the bar or in the lounge areas.  I don’t have it in me approach them, so I left them alone.  I might have lost control of myself and scared them off.  😆  But the League of Reluctant Adults had a fantastic showing as did the Deadline Dames. 

All in all, though I didn’t get to do as much as I had hoped during RT2010, it was still a wildly fun event.  I love meeting aspiring authors, so hats off to Nikki Palun (pal-un), Areana, Roben, Laura (I think it was Laura *sigh*), and anyone else I’m forgetting, including that young lady who pitched to Alicia Condon before me.  🙂  Also, a huge shout out (and you can smack me the next time you see me because I’ve forgotten your name) to the lovely woman with the son who’s half Sicilian and had a fabulous talk with me and my mom.  She runs a modeling agency for some of the models who had attended RT in the past. 

I’ll post pics later.  Right now, I’m just not up to loading them up yet.  Not to mention, they’re really not that interesting because I forgot to whip out the camera on several different occasions.

And before I forget, I hope the unconfirmed 2012 location for RT becomes confirmed.  I’ve always wanted to go to New Orleans.  😀


4 thoughts on “Highlights from RT2010

  1. Next year I must go. Maybe Barry Eisler will be back. And you and LT, of course! I think you’re going to have to watch out for her when she’s older.

  2. Man, I missed RT, hanging with you and meeting Mom and LB! And I don’t know this Barry Eisler but, he sounds like fun;) One day, we all have to get to together and go to RT. You are having way too much fun to do it alone:)

    Just kidding. Glad you were able to go and have a great time. I’m still geeked over your recent book reviews.

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