Knock Knock. Anyone Home?

Tyhitia says that the blogs are pretty much closed down these days because everyone is here at RT.  Yeah, that doesn’t surprise me.  We’re all having a blast here.  😀 

So far, I’ve seen pretty much everyone from the Deadline Dames, League of Reluctant Adults, and a members of Fang, Fur, Fey.  It’s really quite cool.  But needless to say, I haven’t jumped any of them yet.  Yet.  :mrgeen: 

But in all honesty, I probably won’t.  I have a bunch of other stuff going on, like meeting other people and stuff.  So far, I’ve met–damn I can’t recall her name–from Literary Escapism.  She’s helping Jackie out with the book reviews and stuff.  Really nice person.  I’ve also ran into Patricia Sargeant, Isabo Kelly, Liz Kreger, Lydia Dare, Sabrina Jeffries, Colby Hodge, Liz Maverick, Leanna Renee Hieber, wonderful aspiring author Nikki Palun (as in “pal”), my fabulous publisher Christina Brashear, Samhain’s fabu Marketing guru Marty Matthews, Samantha Kane, Mari Freeman, Qwillia Rain, Rosemary Laurey, Jade Lee, Linnea Sinclair, and dozens of other folks I’m forgetting.

Oh, and the biggest excitement for me?  I’ll give you a few words and you put the clues together.  Alicia Condon and YA paranormal.  Okay, you figure out the rest.  A Google search will help.  🙂  And yes, I’m serious.  I sat in on the publisher spotlight and nearly squealed like a baby.  I’m sure Patricia Sargeant and Paige Cuccaro would’ve probably looked at me like I had lost my mind.  😆

On to the Fairy Ball tonight.  Perhaps Baby Girl won’t fall asleep before I can get her there like she did just before for the Elloras Cave party.  *sigh*  And she looked so cute in her red dress.

Wish me luck at my agent and editor pitches tomorrow.  😀


12 thoughts on “Knock Knock. Anyone Home?

    • Thanks, Edie. 😀 I got two full requests, so I’m thrilled beyond words. One more last look through to make sure everything is okay and they’re both out the door. Or rather, off into cyberspace.

    • I so suck at taking pictures because I’m too excited and having too much fun to remember. But…I snapped a few at the books signings, so I’ll put those up…eventually. *sigh* *yawn* It’s been one heck of a four-day party for me.

    • Aw, Ryshia. Girl, one of these days we just have to meet. I’m still holding out for that, so get ready. Oh, and I met the lovely Catherine Anne Collins who’s also from Canada. When she told me where she was from, you were the first person who had come to mind. Made me wish you were there even more. 🙂

  1. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. Have lots of fun. (Sounds like you already are.) The reviews for STRIPPED are awesome!

    Yes, please post pictures:)

    • Girlfriend, if I could hug you, I’d break your spine in half. THANK YOU for telling me about my reviews. I never would’ve noticed otherwise. You’re awesome, stupendous, amazing, and any other positive word I can come up with. *hugs and kisses*

  2. Caryn!!! Girl, you know I love you. I need to hit up your blog in case there are some cute little baby pics up there, too. 🙂 Little Bit was a huge success at the convention.

    Columbus was a very nice city! I loved taking mom and baby for a walk down the artsy district and hitting up North Market where they had food to die for. Oh, and the chocolate. OMG! That alone was worth the trip.

    Oh yeah, and the pitches went great. Two requests for fulls. Fingers crossed they both end up with a YES!

  3. Awesome! Sounds like you had a blast, Marcia. Two full requests?? You’re well on your way. 😉 Sounds like so much fun. Wish I could have been there. But I’ll get to see you this summer. 😉

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