STRIPPED receives 4 Stars from RT

I love RT…for now.  I’m sure my one-star review will come someday and tears of horror will bleed from my eyes.  The doubt demon will come and tell me, “You suck, you big-headed fool.  Hahahahahahahaha!”

But not today!  :mrgreen:  Check this puppy out:

This prequel to Half Breed gives readers a good understanding of the strong heroine. Written in first person, the book allows readers to get inside Alexa’s head and really see what makes her tick. She’s surrounded by a memorable cast of fully developed characters. There’s a good sense of place and the werewolf descriptions and supernatural elements are well written.

Reviewed By: Gail Pruszkowski

A huge thanks to Gail for reading my book.  I was sooooo worried that the way I had sent the book would count against me.  I used a huge binder clip with card stock front and back because STRIPPED wasn’t in print yet.  At least, not at the time.  I even printed out a nice colored cover to make it go down easier.  Man, was I scared.  I was pretty much sweating bullets and gunpowder at that point.  Thankfully, my fears were unfounded.  Even better, my review is nestled between Vicki Pettersson and Lori Handeland, two NYT Bestselling authors.  A sign of my future, perhaps? 

What a sweet way to start RT2010.  😀


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