Blog Highlights

First, a quick reminder.  I’m guest blogging at the FF&P blog today about Modern Day Amazons and will they be remembered.  So hit me up there.

Also, this may be one of the most amazing/inspiring blog posts I’ve ever read.  Mari Freeman is a member of my HCRW chapter and she writes for Ellora’s Cave.  This woman is a ton of fun to hang out with.  She did a fantastic job with a CSI class she had presented for our group last month. I sort of knew she had dyslexia (I think she had told me in passing), but I didn’t realize how much of a burden it was until now.  Well, this is a blog post about her liberation and what it means for her writing.  Trust me.  Read her blog post over at the Kiss and Tell Girls.  You won’t be disappointed.  In fact, don’t be surprised if you feel like you’ve taken a lot for granted when it comes to your own writing career.  I know I sure have.  😉


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