The Ugly T Word

I’m talking about taxes.  Normally, my taxes are done by now and I’m probably getting a return from the government.  This year I got a little distracted (Baby Girl) and had to force myself to sit my butt in the chair and itemize everything. 

There’s also the fact that our tax dollars helped bail out Wall St.  Why should I be  in any hurry to file if some fat cat is sitting on his private jet rubbing his greedy paws together?  Hello Mr. Government.  *knock knock*  Can I get a bailout from my student loans?  Oh, I’m sorry.  You only reward bad behavior.  Silly me.  😡


Some good news.  I’ve made more than double the money I put in promo last year.  That’s a first for me.  Usually, I spend a lot more and hope that I make at least half that back.  So needless to say, I’m thrilled. 

Some bad news.  I’m still in the red if you figure the conferences/conventions, meals, gas, mileage, you name it.  Online classes, membership fees, postage, donations, etc.  All of that and more means I’m taking a loss again.  By the way, does anyone know how many years you’re allowed to take a loss?  Is there a limit? 

Some really good news.  Believe it or not, I continuously forget that Baby Girl is my ace in the hole when it comes to tax deductions.  Not to mention, there’s the matter of my owning a house.   

All in all, I hate doing taxes.  Next year, I vow to get them done on my regularly scheduled time and not put the off until the next-to-last minute. 

Did you get your taxes done or do you have to be cattle-prodded into doing them?  🙂

9 thoughts on “The Ugly T Word

  1. With hubby a sole practitioner (owns his practice as opposed to working for someone else), we have an accountant. On April 14th he’ll call with the bad news. 😦

    I think you’d be less in the red if you eased away from online classes and writing organizations memberships. If you feel the need to polish up your writing skills, invest in a book or dvd on the subject, that way you can go back to it whenever you’re feeling rusty. As far as writing groups, I feel their fees are way out of control. I mean, seriously, why does RWA cost so much? And it’s a total catch twenty-two. You can’t belong to a local chapter without joining the mother ship. Just my opinion, of course. They operate like a drug cartel. 🙂

    • They operate like a drug cartel.

      😆 That’s a good one.

      Online classes aren’t worth it anymore. While I believe that a writer should never stop learning their trade, I also believe they shouldn’t be beaten over the head with the same old same old for the umpteenth time either. The majority of the classes have nothing new to teach me and Nationals is no different. I’m not about to spend $400+ to network either. Not when Facebook and Twitter are free. Next year, taxes will be very different because I won’t be going to as many conferences/conventions. Even my memberships will be up for review.

      Fingers crossed the news won’t be too bad, Kath. I think you and the hubby should move down here where he can find a job with a large firm and let them eat the tax costs. 😉

  2. I view conferences, etc. as my personal entertainment. So although this is a loss, I don’t view it as such. But that’s just me. I have yet to break even or get above what I spend in promo, supplies, conferences and all that fun stuff. I figure its gonna be awhile before that happens. Not gonna stop me from investing in my career. I figure it’ll even up sooner or later … I hope. Maybe. Well — I won’t hold my breath.

    • I view conferences, etc. as my personal entertainment.

      That’s why I don’t bulk when it comes to RT. I see RT as the whole shabang. There’s networking and learning, but there’s also a lot of fun. It the one conference where I feel like I can let down my hair while putting on the professional touch. Not only that, but it’s a hogpog of information. I always seem to find someting new and different there.

      As for the breaking even part, one of these days I’d like to reach that point. But like you, I’m not holding my breath either. It’ll happen when it happens. Might as well have fun where I can. 😉

  3. I think all in all RWA is a pretty good organization and has some great writers. That’s how I met you — and Liz and Kathy, too. Great people, right? 😀

    We just got our federal refund check a couple days ago, so yay! I’m happy now. Hope you’re getting a nice big one.

    • Hmmm. Kathy, I can vouch for, but I don’t know about that Liz chick. 😆 I’d sleep with one eye open around her if I were you. She might hold you tie you up in her basement until you give her your next idea for a book.

      RWA is good for networking. Not only that, but I adore my local chapter. But I have to admit it’s the most expensive writer’s org I belong to. When it comes to my budget, everything is up for grabs, including anything associated with writing. Given the choice, I’d rather have a new laptop if it means gouging the money from my RWA membership to make that happen. Luckily, it might not have to come to that. We shall see come July. 😉

  4. I can’t believe you said the T word on your blog.

    Hate. Them.

    No, I haven’t started yet in case you couldn’t tell. Not sure my blood pressure can take it!

    (And I too promise myself every year not to wait till the last minute. *sigh*)

    • I know. Makes me want to rub a bar of soap on my tongue. Ick.

      I always work on my taxes in March, which I had done. But, I didn’t actually get to Jackson Hewitt until April 2nd. Next year, we’ll both vow to do better. Of course, I’ll probably forget that I said that until April 1, 2011. 😆

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