Amazing Friends

Every time I turn around, one of my friends amazes the heck out of me.  I just said goodbye to two of college buddies who’ll forever be my friends.  One of the works for Citigroup and the other works for Scholastic.  Are there any bells and whistles sounding in your head yet?  🙂 

With everything tha went on with Wall St., I recall them saying they were giving bonuses to keep their exceptional talent.  My Citibank friend is one of the exceptionally talented.  I graduated in four years with a bachelors degree.  She graduated in those same four years with a masters.  If that’s not talented, I don’t know what is.  If Citigroup was smart, they’d screw the red tape and move her up the ladder now.  Heck, they might not have gotten into trouble if they had listened to her. 

Now don’t get your hopes up for my friend who works for Scholastic.  She works in their non-fiction department.  I’m trying to get her to move to fiction so she can backdoor me in.  😉  Yeah.  Right.  Anyway, she said the best way to sell books is book signings.  Scholastic sells an unbelievable number of books when it comes to signings.  That means authors getting their butts out there.  While I love doing a book signing, I’m worried that nobody would show up, which is why I’d rather do a group signing that be left alone.

A third friend emailed me, and it was her email that sparked this blog.  You see, she used to be one of my crit partners.  She’s one of the most endearing writers I had ever met.  It broke my heart when her husband died of COPD.  Such a beautiful person just doesn’t deserve something like that.   The one and only time I met him, he was such a wonderful man and it was easy to see why those two had fallen in love.  Anyway, her writing has been on the crapper…until now. 

Every once in a while she pops in my head and I write to see how she’s doing, which is what I did last week.  Well, she has a literary agent for her non-fiction book about social networking and plans to stick with non-fiction seeing as she seems to have more luck with that than writing romance.  More important, she sounds happy.  Though she still misses her husband dearly, she’s trying to get on with her life by surrounding herself with family.  Unfortunately, her family is in Colorado.  I’m all for her doing what makes her happy because that’s what matters right now.  Strangely enough, her finding her joy again embraced me more than the kick to the gut regarding her putting up the house for sale and moving back home across country.  Man, I’m still going to miss her. 

So there you have it.  The thing I love most about each and every one of my friends is I see how their lives touch mine.  It’s a beautiful, thing really.  They do or say something that leaves me thinking how lucky I am to have known these people.  The the coolest thing of all is they remind me that while I might be another face in the crowd, my actions and thoughts, just like theirs, might actually make a difference to someone.  What a wonderful feeling.  🙂

Which of your friends have made a HUGE impression on you lately?

PS.  The photos are my BFFs from college and for life.  To protect the innocent, I won’t tell you who does what.  Oh, and these are from two years ago at the Grand Canyon.  Don’t worry.  I still look this good, if not better.  :mrgreen:


18 thoughts on “Amazing Friends

  1. You look fabulous, Marcia. So glad you have such great friends. Both my CPs make HUGE impressions on me. Michelle because she’s such a great writer and a a great friend. Liz is my hero for the way she handles her life. Anyone else would get pissed off once in awhile. Not Liz. She’s so positive. She has the best attitude of anyone I know.

    • Of course, you’re one of those great friends. I just need to get a picture of us to add to my Great Friends album.

      You’re list doesn’t surprise me. 🙂 The few times I’ve met Liz and Michelle, they’ve still left an amazing impression on me. I can’t wait to see Liz at RT and I’m ready to give my right arm to go to Nationals to hug Michelle so hard that I’d leave my cheek imprinted against hers. Without a doubt, they’re wonderful people. Of course, you’re like the cherry on top. 😉

  2. Does it have to be positive? Because right now I had a negative impression occur. A friend with a big mouth and opinions on publishing [she studies medicine, so she should be shutting up, really] and I am sour, because she expects me to apologize. Damn right weird.

    But there were many awesome people these days, which have impressed me and made me happy with their unconditional generosity, good will and friendliness. Especially towards my novel, which is still in the making.

    ‘Forged in Blood’ [sorry for the attention whoring, just hope that you might wanna take a peek] is becoming mighty creepy & weird.

    • No, it doesn’t. There have been times where people have left a negative impression on me and sadly, I haven’t forgotten them. I want to remember so I know what to avoid.

      Forged in Blood sounds awesome! If it weren’t for my self-imposed deadline, I’d take you up on that. But…well…let me just leave it at that. BUT, I expect an update on FiB from time to time, too. Don’t make me come find you. 😉

      • I plan on pleading until you do read it, cause I think it will make you love it or at least be intrigued by the concept. I even heard that a friend talked about it to an editor [unofficially, just convo at a party for a British pub] and the editor was intrigued about it. I call that one heck of a motivation to drop everything and finish it. I have synopsis, scene breakdown and all. Now I just have to complete it and go agent hunting [not easy, but feel so good about being a writer right now, especially after the bad friend moment].

        • Oh see? You’e killing me here. 😆 You have to give me the lowdown, too. One thing I love to do is talk about other friends’ books to other people. More important, if I run into an editor or agent, I like to sort of “throw” their book idea at them and see what they think. Believe it or not, I”m better at pitching someone else’s book instead of my own.

  3. “Oh, and these are from two years ago at the Grand Canyon. Don’t worry. I still look this good, if not better.”

    LOL. And here I was getting ready to say I couldn’t believe you’d recently had a baby! But I have no doubt you look even better – especially with that new mommy glow and coordinating baby spittle. 😉

    In terms of impressions, I’d have to say my daughter. She’s been surprisingly sweet lately, and let me tell ya – during the terrible teens, you’ll take what you can get there. 😀 She’s actually pretty awesome (if I say so myself) and I love that she’s as strong as she is. She’s gonna be kickin’ butt and takin’ names wherever she goes.

    • Dang. I knew I should’ve kept you guessing. 😆

      Awwwwww. You see? That’s how I hope to feel about my daughter someday. Knowing some of the stuff you went through with her, I’m sooooooo glad things turned out of the awesome-est. If she doesn’t know already, make sure Young Lady Kate reads what you’ve said about her. You think she’s awesome now? She’ll probably skyrocket afterward. 😉

  4. Recently, out of the blue, best-friend said, “When are you going to write again? I really miss reading your stuff.” This person is a non-writer, avid reader, a/k/a my sister.

    If that’s not motivation, I don’t know what is.

    • Now, that’s what I’m talking about. I’ll tell you Kath, it’s great getting affirmations from writers, but when a non-writer takes notice, it’s like twice the reward. They really don’t understand what we go through, but their appreciation is like gold.

      Oh, and I need to call you. Like today. :mrgreen:

  5. Something to look forward to! YAY! I’ll be waiting by the phone, unless you call mid-afternoon. In that case, call cell number – going to mall with hubby. (Emailing it to you now!)

  6. Positive experiences, eh? There are honestly too many to count lately. 🙂 Meeting awesome people like you. We’ll really meet in June. 😉 At the Carolinas thingy. One new awesome friend is currently on the New York Times Bestseller’s list. I recently interviewed her before her book came out. Hint, hint. 😉

    • You have no idea how excited I am about June. I FINALLY get to meet you! Now, don’t be scared or anything, but I tend to get all giddy and crazy when I meet someone who I’ve only known online. 😀

      Oh, and would that friend have initials KH?

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