Thank You, Authors

This topic comes just as I’m about to leave for physical therapy.  In case you haven’t followed some of my Facebook posts, I hurt my shoulder more than two weeks ago as I was about to burp Baby G.  I pulled the muscles around my scapula (upper back), which pinched the nerves all the way down to my elbow.  No drugs for me as long as I’m breastfreeding, which is about to come to an end anyway.  So, PT is it.

Anyway, I hate physical therapy.  Some of it is doing boring exercises while the last fifteen minutes has to do with sitting around while electrodes are working the muscles.  I hate sitting around and doing nothing.  So, I picked up Susan Hubbard’s The Society of S.  It’s a weird, but fascinating book.  More important, it helped me get through.

With everything I’ve been through these last 6+ months (a draining pregnancy, the aftermath of baby G’s birth, and then some like my busted shoulder), I never thought of books as being more than a sweet distraction…until now.  I guess I could say that books sort of saved me from months of boredom and kept me preoccupied enough to not complain when complaining was more than due.

So, I’d like to take this time to thank the following authors for helping me get through a particularly difficult time in my life by keeping me smiling and salivating for more: Richelle Mead, Kalayna Price, Susan Hubbard, Kelley Armstrong, Christina Lynne Ashely, Faith Hunter, Nancy Haddock, Kim Harrison, Leanne Renee Heiber, and I’m sure I’m missing some other folks. 

Oh, and I found my copy of Ring of Desire by Ryshia Kennie.  Little Miss had it all this time.  😀

So which authors have helped you through a difficult time your life?


22 thoughts on “Thank You, Authors

  1. Humor is the best medicine, and whenever I’ve got the blues or am undergoing an avalanche of stressors, there’s only one author able to lift my spirits completely. Christopher Moore.

  2. What an adorable baby. I wish I could see her in person and cuddle her.

    Music got me through a bad period of my life. After my breast cancer surgery, I listened to Erip Clapton’s “Unplugged” CD over and over. I also had healing tapes, one that was made just for me, that I listened to often. And we’d just bought GALAXY QUEST on video, and I watched that often. All that helped me heal.

    • Thanks, Edie. *big cheesy smile* 😀

      I’m glad music helped you get through the period. My heart goes out to you, hon, that you even had to go through that. The sweet sounds of Eric Clapton can heal just about anyone. One of these days I’ll have to sit down and watch Galaxy Quest. It’s on my list of movies to see before I die. 😉

  3. I know exactly how you feel. I’ve been going through a lot lately in my own world (as you know, thanks for the blog encouragement) and my books and audiobooks have saved my sanity! J.R. Ward & Karen Moning all day.

    I hope the shoulder gets better soon.

    Baby G is so adorable!!!

  4. Little Miss is absolutely adorable! Don’t you just stare at her all day? A few authors that have helped me…Gena Showalter, Jim Butcher, Sarah Dessen, Vicki Lewis Thompson…books always lift my spirits. Sending warm thoughts your way!

    • Thanks, Robin. 😀 And yes, I do. She’s like baby crack cocaine and I’m completely addicted.

      Those are some sweet choices. Which reminds me, I have a book by Gena Showalter. I’ve never tried her books before, but I hear great things. I need to crack open that book.

  5. Marcia, I had no idea! I’m sorry! As if you need more to do at this time!

    But I love seeing another picture! I have to go see if you’ve uploaded any more while I’ve been struggling with my internet connection!

    • Don’t sweat it, Natasha. I’m taking it as it comes and shoveling it back out when I’m done. 😉

      And yes, I have uploaded new pics to my FB account. They were taken during and after Valentines Day.

  6. OMG – that is the most beautiful baby! I got tears just looking at her, she is so precious. I’m so glad you posted her photo, though now I’m wondering where are these others pictures of which Natasha speaks? How did I miss those?

    Meanwhile, I hope your shoulder feels better soon.

    • Aw, thanks, hon. *blush* I’m glad I posted her photo, too, because that means I need to add you to my private baby album I have on FB. Only a few people are added to that because I don’t “really” know the 1000+ I have befriended along the way.

      And the shoulder is feeling better. It has it’s moments, but doggone it, I WILL overcome. 😉

  7. Marcia – your beautiful baby has eclipsed my book by far. She’s a doll for sure. I had to look twice or maybe that was three times – baby, book, baby – and then I could only smile.

    I’m sorry to hear about your shoulder. Hope it comes around soon. But isn’t that how it goes when you’ve got the most balls in the air that’s when one comes crashing down. Hang in there.

    Authors – Vicki Lewis Thompson because if nothing else you can always laugh, Lavyrle Spencer, Jude Devereaux, Stephen King because it’s never as bad as he makes it!

    • 😆 I love ya to pieces, Ryshia. I’ve gotten into taking pics of baby with books lately. She’ll look back on this and say, “Mom, you have lost your mind. But considering I’m pictured with that NYT Bestselling author, I’ll let it slide.” 😉

      As for the shoulder, very true. This came out of nowhere. I’m convinced that having been pregnant that my body can’t take hits like it used to. Oh well. It’ll get better or it’ll get left behind. I don’t have time for pain.

      Oh, and I’ve been eyeballing Stephen King’s latest book. The only turn-off is that it’s huge. But…if I need a fix, I need a fix. And, it’s nice to see another Vicki Lewis Thompson fan. She’s a trip to hang out with. 🙂

  8. As my Grandmother use to say, I could sop that baby up with a biscuit. And she’d also say, “You did good Marcia.” She’s so cute. Paige heard me say that I could sop her up and states “No you can’t Mommie! That’s Marcia’s baby!” Don’t worry I explained.

    Wow, get well soon. Pinched nerves are tricky, can take a while to completely heal or feel better.

    I always have a book with me, to get through waiting for car repairs, waiting in the doctors office, waiting for the car to get washed, waiting…

    • 😆 I loooooove your family. From grandmother to daughter, you guys are too sweet.

      I’m still working out that pinched nerve. With a little luck it’ll get better because now it’s beginning to interfere with writing and I can’t have that.

      It’s funny you should say that. I take a book everywhere I go. When I bought a new purse, I was mad that I hadn’t taken into account that it needed to be able to fit a book inside.

  9. I read a lot to get me through the present round of treatments, Marcia. Mostly paranormals. I guess I just enjoy getting lost in the worlds that the authors create. Let’s see … I’ve been reading a lot of new authors who do UF … Chloe Neill, Kat Richardson, Barb Hendee … and probably a half dozen others that I cannot think of at the moment. Then there’s Jeaniene Frost, Cynthia Eden, Jayne Ann Krentz and LKH.

    Loved the photo of Little Miss. Adorable.

    Hey, if Tivi doesn’t want to listen to the audio of Bitten, I’d love to try it. I don’t often get a chance to listen to audios.

    Catcha later.

    • Wow. You have a sweet list there, Liz. 😉 Some of my favs are among them. I’m glad they’ve helped you get through chemo, girlfriend. There’s nothing like a good paranormal to export you somewhere else when you don’t want to be in the present.

      And thanks for the compliment. I can’t wait for you to meet Little Miss in person. She’s a bundle of smiles these days.

      Oh, and I’ll bring the audio for you to RT. I don’t get a chance to listen to audio either, but boy did I make the time for Kelley Armstrong. 😉

  10. “Weird, but fascinating”–yes, that sums up THE SOCIETY OF S. Glad it helped you get through, Marcia! The third book in the series will be out in July. All best wishes to you and your family,


    • Thanks, for stopping by, Susan. 😀

      And yes, it was a HUGE help. I’m already planning to pick up The Year od Disapperances on my next outing to the book store, and I can’t wait to get my hands on book three. I can’t believe I have to wait until July. *sigh* Please tell me there’s going to be a book four. Pretty please?

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