Seduction on the Prowl- REVIEW

Woohoooooooo!   I woke up this morning to a fantastic review from Paranormal Romance (also known as PNR).  Check it out here.

My favorite quote:

SEDUCTION ON THE PROWL is a thrilling story of shape shifters and magic. Marcia Colette has come up with some interesting twists to different types of supernatural creatures. But in the end, this is a paranormal romance and the hero and heroine must learn to deal with and trust each other before they can solve the mystery of Seclusion. Not to mention, Donna is hiding something very important, about herself and her source. All in all, an entertaining read with enough variety to keep anyone’s interest.

I think the rest of my day is set.  A huge thank you to Chere Gruver for reviewing Seduction.  I’m over the moon right now.  😀

15 thoughts on “Seduction on the Prowl- REVIEW

  1. OMGods! I had no idea, I hope I’m late enough for things to be better already; yet, I know that shoulder injuries are one of those lifelong companions that you have to kind of learn to leave with–sorry.

    I’m so glad you are finding comfort and strength on a few good authors, funny, that’s the reason I stopped by your site 😉 I’ve been an absolute blogger-bum these days. School takes most of my time and the bit I have left, I use to put a page or two (some days less than half a page 😦 )on my MS. Today is one of those difficult days when I know I won’t be able to put the tiniest dent on it. It made me sad, but I thought about a friend who told me “nothing comes easy, just keep at and you’ll see”. I decided to stop by her blog.

    I hope you and your precious angel are doing great. And don’t forget, even though I don’t stop by as often as I should, I always have you–and your words–in my thoughts.

      • 😆 Not a problem, hon.

        The shoulder is better, bu now there’s something called the ocipital nerve (sp?) that’s causing me problems. But I’m happy to say that weakness in my hand has gotten better. I can tell because I’m not messing up as much when I type.

        You are too sweet, hon. I don’t visit as much as I should either, so don’t you dare feel bad. You’re always in my thoughts, too. And the good thing about that is there’s always a smile onmy face when you pop in there. 🙂 Things always get in the way when it comes to writing. The best you can do is the best you can, especially when it comes to writing and anything else in life. 😉

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