A Wasted Stamp

I received the strangest letter in the mail yesterday.  The name Dorrance Publishing sounded familiar–not in a good way–but I couldn’t put my finger on it…until I opened the letter.  They got my name from the Library of Congress and thought that I’d be more interested in a different route to publishing, which was why they contacted me.  They gave a nice speech and all about me making a lot of money instead of others reaping the rewards.  They wanted to help me get published and acted like they were doing me a favor.  Yeah.  Right.  Then I came across the magic words about three paragraphs down: subsidy press

In case anyone doesn’t know and gets one of these letters in the mail (and I could smack the Library of Congress for letting these people have any  information about me), they are the worse subsidy press in the business.  Just google the name and see for yourself.  Any time you have to pay people like Dorrance Publishing to publish your books, run away.  FAR away.  They’re only in the business to make money for themselves.  While the potential to sell a bunch of books is their reasoning behind why I should go with them, the truth is selling 100 marked-up-price books is considered lucky.  On the average, you’ll sell about twenty-five either to yourself or your friends and family.  Oh, and let’s not forget that they most likely get around 50% of your profits.  Sound familiar?  Think Harlequin Horizons or whatever they’re calling themselves these days. 

Don’t get me wrong.  I have nothing against subsidy-press books as long as the writing is up to par.  So far, only Dana Sanders Hill has caught my eye.  Everyone else’s book has left me rolling my eyes and vowing never to read another one again unless I know the author. 

As the saying goes, money flows to the author and not away from them.  In this case, it’s flowing away from the subsidy press because they just wasted their $0.43 stamp on me.  I ended up shredding the letter and using it as litter for the bottom of my mom’s bird cage.  Gracie has already given it the attention it deserves.  😈

Any interesting writing news you want to share?


12 thoughts on “A Wasted Stamp

  1. I ended up shredding the letter and using it as litter for the bottom of my mom’s bird cage. Gracie has already given it the attention it deserves.

    Thanks for the laugh. I finished the first draft of my wip Monday morning. I’m leaving it sit for a couple days before I plunge into revisions. 🙂

    • You’re welcome, Edie. 😀

      I love letting a first draft sit before diving into revisions. It gives you plenty of time to think about it, what you should change, what you should emphasize.

      Strangely enough, I just started working on a new idea that came to me while getting a pap smear of all things. Goes to show you how much I didn’t want to think about what my OB/GYN was doing to me at the time. 😆

  2. Go Gracie! There’s nothing like a new cage rug from a bottom feeder.

    You know, it truly sucks that the Library of Congress releases names. On the other hand, maybe Dorkrance lied. Most likely they got your name from an old agent with an ax to grind. (I’m just saying…) Damn, aren’t I the evil one.

    I haven’t any writing news. Just reading from the old TBR pile. Already finished the latest Dexter, and now I’m plodding through Rhett Butler’s People, which isn’t very good, thus the plodding through. I received in today’s mail The Swan Thieves by Elizabeth Kostova (The Historian author). Looks like it’ll push old Rhett to the floor. Sorry, Mr.Butler, maybe another day…just not tomorrow.

    • You know, Kath, it wouldn’t surprise me if the SOB did me in. Why not, since she knows so much abou subsidy/vanity presses and even lies in bed with them?

      I think you should use Rhett as a doggie chew toy. I plodded through a NYT Bestseller not that long ago and ended up tossing it to the basement after the first 100 pages. Nothing is worth suffocating my time like that. I’m giving another book a chance that I’ve been interested in reading, so I’m hoping it’s better. After the first 10 pages, it sounds like another vampire hunter book like the 1,000 that are already out there. *yawn*

  3. Thanks for the laugh. LOL. I think I got one of those letters too a few years ago. Hmmm.

    Anyway, nothing new here. Just trying to finish the WIP. And then on to the next thing after that. 😀

    • Now that I think about it, I might have gotten one of those letters a few years back, too. And just like then, I ignored it to the point that it had gone out of sight until now.

      Good luck on your WIP. I know exactly what you mean by moving on to that next project.

  4. Hi, Marcia! Love Gracie! lol Today – yes today! – I shall finish revisions (not the final one, but close) on my YA so I’m a happy camper!

    Hey, how’s your precious bundle of joy?

    • Woohoo for finished revisions! Close or otherwise doesn’t matter. It’s a far cry from those first words on a page. Whew. 🙂

      Baby girl is awesome! Of course, it’s even funnier whenever she’s trying to get some booby juice from my mom and realizes that nipple tastes like a cotton shirt.

  5. Too funny about the use of that letter. Appopriate. May Gracie give it all the attention it deserves.

    My only news is that I started my UF and am about to begin the third chapter. So far I’m happy with it. However, I’m spending too much time going back and editing before I continue. A bad habit I have … but one I’m grateful for when it comes to revisions. Because I back-edit so much, the final version comes out pretty darned clean.

    • You go, Liz. I’ve tried back-editing and all it did was piss me off. I had so much of the story worked out in my head and nowhere to put it because I needed to edit. I decided to stop the back-editing and get on with the story. Of course, my final versions come out nowhere near as clean as they could. More like that final version has to be cleaned with a pressure washer. 😉

  6. This weekend while working, I met a woman who had written a book. She was very passionate about her book because it was a book of her life story.

    To make a long story short, she didn’t know that the publishing company she had submitted to was self publishing/vanity press. She ended up paying around $3000 for a few paper back books that she says are sitting in her closet.

    She said that they didn’t represent themselves as a self publishing company. I sat down and talked to her. I told her some of things I’ve learned over the last couple of years about the publishing industry. I ended with money flows to the author not away from them. I told her that they (the publishing company) need to pay you for your work, not the other way around.

    I felt sad that this woman who was not weathly had been taken.

    • You see? It’s stories like this that make me want to scream. Not at the writer, but at the company for knowing better than to take someone’s money like that. I can’t stand it when people are unethical.

      Bless you for talking to her and teaching her a thing or two about crooks like this. The sooner we can educate other authors about how the business works, the more we can make companies like this hurt. I have no doubt that they’ll be around for a while and in reality, I have no problem with that. After all, there are some people out there who want to publish a book as an heirloom for their family or as gifts for friends. That is how they should be marketing their business. Not lying to people about how much money they’re going to make or pray on their dreams.

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