Dear HOA

You people really need to get a life and a real job.  Seeing as your stupid a**es went down to Florida during the housing bust to buy houses to sell to people who can’t afford them, I guess I should expect stupidity from you by now. 

Anyway, your new decree is idiotic.  It wasn’t enough that you had to tell people not to put sailboats on their back decks (???).  It wasn’t enough that you think a pool that costs $80,000 every year to maintain is considered an asset when the damn thing is only open three months out of twelve.  We pay $165 in dues every month and the only thing the money seems to go for is to hire some people to blow leaves around the parking lot.  Hell, I’ll do that for less.  Now, you’re investing $20,000 to build a walkway behind a set of townhouses and the only scenery back there is a tall fence that blocks out the sounds of traffic.  Yet, I have to help pay for that piece of s*** that I’ll never use.

I guess you HOA morons had forgotten about painting the outside of the units to make them look somewhat presentable for the up and coming area where we live.  I guess you forgot about giving back the visitor parking spots that you took away to punish the one townhouse who had abused them.  By the way, the owners moved more than a year ago, so can we have the spaces back without having to pay a $150 per month fee?  Oh, I’m sorry.  How else are we going to pay for that ridiculous Walkway to Nowhere.  Silly me. 

In conclusion, I think your crack pipes are filled with heroin.  Please.  Do us all a favor and prove that you have a higher I.Q. than we suspect by stepping down.  There are enough brain-damaged people in the world.  We don’t need any more.

Marcia, the unhappy neighbor

Anyone piss you off lately?


8 thoughts on “Dear HOA

  1. Let’s see, I’ve been pretty angry with the banks and the credit card companies lately. One of my long term credit cards took my rate from 4% to 29.99% for no reason other than the new terms they will be held accountable for under the new law President Obama signed earlier this year.

    I haven’t missed a payment. I haven’t been late. I’m not at my limit. So, I closed it and will pay them off. I HATE GREED! It’s a sin you know.

    I’ve also been pretty angry with the banks that were bailed out but, won’t lend money to the tax payers that lent them the money through taxes. And I still don’t understand how you get a bonus when you didn’t do a good job in the first place.

    Yes, those are the things that are making me angry right about now. Oh, and the gas companies…or did I already mention GREED.

    • Ugh. Don’t get me started on GREED. You talk about a hot-button word for me? That’s it.

      I am soooooo with you on every point. The credit card companies have lost their minds. And what do they do? They send me an application for a new credit card. Uh yeah. Like anyone LIKES to pay 25.99% in finance charges. Not!

      And as for those Wall Street execs, they shouldn’t get a dime in stocks or otherwise. They should be made to hurt just like everyone else has on Main Street. Not paid to stick around for one more shot at trashing the economy.

  2. I feel the same way about the banks and credit cards. Marcia, your rant is one of the many reasons my wife and I bought our house out in the country. We’re in a subdivision but it is no way as restrictive as so many others. No one cares if you have a clothesline out back or that you built a huge wooden swing for the kids. You can’t have car’s on blocks and actual useful restrictions like that. Is it inconvenient at times to be 20-30 miles outside of Raleigh? Sure, but definitely beats the alternative! Hope you and the munchkin are doing good!!


    • You see? Don’t be surprised if my family joins you out there, RJ. Some of the rules I can live with like no cars up on blocks. But don’t tell me what I can and cannot have planted in my front yard. Unless I’m planting something like poison ivy, I should be allowed to put anything out there as long as I take care of it. Now, we have to stupid list of approved plants, which is VERY short on selections. They had better be happy I don’t dig up the whole front yard and pave it instead. I bet you five bucks they’ll have an approved swing clause next, as soon as I put Little Bit one out there. Why not? They’re already making sure we only put a Rubbermaid storage bin on our porches if we need one.

      Yeah, we’re going to be out there with you. Just wait until Baby G is two or three and it’s a done deal.

  3. Well let me think, who or what has pissed me off lately? So many to choose from, since you know I gripe about EVERYTHING. But today I got nothing.

    You need to move. Screw those asswipes. Baby needs a new back yard! 🙂

    • Hmmmm. Your post inspired me, Kath. Maybe we shouldn’t move at all. Maybe we should put the gawdiest toys out there for her to play with and then see what they say. After all, by the time they’ve realized what I’ve done, they’ll have to grandfather me in. 😈

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