Brass Ovaries

After reading the third book in Richelle Mead‘s Vampire Academy series, I’ve learned one amazing thing about her as a writer.  Girlfriend has a lot of courage when it comes to shaking up someone’s world.  If it weren’t for me being such a tightwad with my wallet, I wouldn’ wait until the fourth book came out in paperback.  I’d buy the thing NOW!  I see why she’s a NYT Bestselling author.  She takes chances that will send you reeling.

As writers, we have to take a lot of chances whether we’re putting our work out there for people to read or we’re shaking things up within our plots.  If you choose to write, this is not an option.  There are times I question my brass ovaries.  What I’m doing with my characters?  Do I have the backbone to pull off this hard scene?  I’ve recently questioned a particular scene in my paranormal YA .  In the end, I decided to “wear my brass ovaries proudly” and leave it in.  Whether or not it pays off is anyone’s guess, but I have no regrets about taking that chance. 

Where there are decisions, there will always be risks.  I wonder if that’s where we fail our readers and/or our characters.  Take the high road and people will call you to the plate.  Take the low road and you risk alienating your readers.  It takes a lot of courage to make those decisions and there are no guarantee they’ll pay off.  My only advice is to make sure whatever you do is justified on every level.  Leave the reader no room for questions. 

Any bold or courageous things you’ve done with your writing lately?


9 thoughts on “Brass Ovaries

  1. My heroine is an assassin. So she’s hard. But I actually had to change a scene from a kick butt action one because it felt too generic, thrown in for its shock value and not true to the character. It was actually the hero’s scene; it might have fit the assassin heroine. Like you say, “justified on every level.”

    The bold and courageous things I’ve done is to keep writing every day! It feels good to make progress.

  2. I like that “brass ovaries”. I could probably relate … if I had ovaries. LOL. Ain’t got ’em anymore. Hmm, can’t even say “brass boobs”. I’m reaching here.

    Anyway … great post, Marcia. And you’re 100% right. With my new UF I’m am reaching for the stars. I’m going for gritty, I’m going for bold, I’m going for down and dirty.

    • LOL! Liz, girlfriend, you crack me up. I guess that’s why I love ya to pieces. 😀

      It sounds like you’re going for the gold with your UF. If that’s what it takes to catch an agent’s eye, then do it!

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