Happy New Year!

This is the time of year where everyone reflects back on the year and recaps their biggest accomplishments.  Do you need to guess which one mine was?  😆  The birth of Baby Girl, of course.  She tops everything.  Mom coming to live with me makes #2. 

But on the writing side I scored my first guest panelist spot–twice.  I happy to report I’ll be returning to ConCarolinas again this year as a guest writer.  Woohooooooo!  RavenCon wasn’t going to work because of the timing and the cash flow.  Happily, I’ll be hanging out at the Romantic Times Booklover’s Convention in 2010 and couldn’t be more excited about that.

Also, I saw the publication of STRIPPED with a new publisher and SEDUCTION ON THE PROWL with and old one.  I’ve gained many new writer friends (and rekindled some friendships with old ones), most of them listed on the side bar.  I also had the chance to put up a new website…and sadly, I’ve been working on another one that will probably go up after the new year because I’ve had some procrastination on my hands.  😆

Along with the good, there’s also been bad, which I won’t share with you on this blog.  Only my closest friends know about those and I’d prefer to keep it that way.  Let’s face it.  When I cry, I cry alone and off camera (a.k.a internet). 

So as I ring in the New Year with a new family, I wish you guys all the best for yours.  May your dreams come true and be fulfilled beyond your wildest dreams.   😀

Happy New Year, everyone!


14 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Ah, I am truly envious that you don’t cry to me, cause I think I have been whining to you all the time about this and that. Otherwise I am glad that you do the crying bit, because I got the idea you were living this perfect happy life that reeked of Hallmark moments…

    Stupid humor aside, Happy new year love. You are my 2009 blessing, sensei.

    • LOL. I don’t need you thinking I’m a basketcase and possibly ruin this image of my perfect existence. 😉

      And you don’t whine to me in the least. If you have, I haven’t noticed. I enjoy our conversations very much, assuming I can ever answer you before a decade passes. *sigh* I promise to get better about that this year. Honest. 🙂

      • But I like basketcases. 🙂

        Anyway, don’t worry. I am used to people, who have a problem with speed responses. It’s just how they roll and will just wait my turn until I get a slot in their priorities.

  2. Happy New Year! Looking forward to 2010! Glad to hear that you attending Concarolinas and RT Booklover’s convention. I’m planning on attending just one writer’s convention this year. I’ve been to Raven Con so, I’m thinking Concarolinas.

    • *ConCarolinas. ConCarolinas. * 🙂

      But I’m not going to sway your decision or anything. I swear. 😀 But I can say this. I think I liked ConCarolinas better because of the room layouts and the huge attendance.

  3. A little late checking in – slight diversion to the Canadian Rockies – awesome, haven’t been there for ages and now I’m not so sure why it took me so long to get back there. Anyway, that’s my excuse.

    Have a fantastic 2010 Marcia – cheers to new friends!!

    • Strangely enough, Ryshia, I feel like we’ve known each other for years. 🙂 Has it only been this year that I first met you online? If so, unbelievable. Our friendship is definitely one of my highlights of the year.

      And are there pics of the Canadian Rockies? I’ll have to hit your blog and see. 😉

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