Happy Halloween!

Of course I’m not letting this wonderful holiday go by without a word or two.  After all, it’s my most favorite time of the creepy year. 

Have a safe and Happy Halloween, folks!  I’ll see you Monday with a new post about what boggles my simpleton mind.  🙂

But if you’re looking for some frightening fun in the mean time, then hop on over to Temple Library Reviews where I tell Harry what scares me.  One thing.  TLR is on Bulgaria time, so I have no idea when the post will go up for us US folks.  😆

Oh, and since Halloween always seems to yield some good news for me, I found out that it’s official.  STRIPPED will be coming out in trade paperback on June 1, 2010.  Woohoooooooooooo!  That’s assuming I can get the galleys done by November 23rd.  Interestingly enough, that’s also my due date.  No pressure.  *sigh*


5 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Congrats on the trade paperback news! You’ll get the galleys done by Nov. 23. Funny that it’s your due date. It’s almost as though you’ll be delivering two babies. 😎

    • If I read the guidelines correctly, yes for 2011 because it will have a print date of 2010. Will I? No. At $50 a pop, I can find more beneficial ways to spend my money (i.e. gas money to get me to conferences). Not only that, but you’re encouraged to judge the contest, too, if you decide to enter. I’d prefer to read what I want to read and not what someone chooses for me.

  2. Sounds like RWA has multiple agendas to justify their existence. I mean, fifty bucks to enter a book into their contest so it can get a RITA stamp? And seriously, you’re paying to also be coerced into judging. I’m with you. Why cut into your own profit margin when you can put gas in your tank?

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