Lately, I’ve been pretty much off the radar with a LOT of people (i.e. my buddy and confidant, Kathy Calarco).  😦  With so much going on and time winding down before my due date–I’m 35 wks with Baby Girl already assuming the head-down position–I’ve been busting my butt to get things done and not all of them are writing related. 

So what’s on my To Do list?

1. Finish putting up the sticky decorations on BG’s walls.

2. Pack for the hospital.  Do you think I need to bring a baby bag?  If so, what the heck do you put in it other than diapers, wipes, and Desitin?  The milk containers are on my chest, so no worries about bottles just yet.  😉

3. Get as much done on the day job before I go on my 8-week maternity leave.

4. Plot stories for STRIPPED part 2 and book three of my werecheetah series, write a novella (already contracted), finish revisions for TSIH, and give a once-over on a short story (possible series in the works) I had targeted for Samhain. 

5. Stop by the fire department and get a sexy fireman to show me how to put the baby seat in right.  Um…I *know* how to do it, but there’s no way I’m passing up a gawking opportunity like that.  😀

6. Set up my hair appointment because it’ll be the last thing on my mind before I give birth, and I’m not ready to let what little beauty I have go to the dogs just yet.  I don’t care how much pain I’ll be in.

7. Figure out how we’re going finagle a Thanksgiving meal around BG’s birth.  She’s due on the 23rd, so anything is possible, including an interruption on Thanksgiving Day.  As long as I get my turkey, stuffing, pie, cabbage, and green bean casserole, I’m good.

8. Baby shower on Halloween Day!  Woohoooooooooo!  I’m trying to get people to dress up.  Heck, I might dress up. 😈

9. Put together my list of people to call when I go into labor.

So as you can see, my plate is pretty full for the next month.  The weird thing is when I think about everything I have yet to do, I wonder if this is what my childbirth educator was talking about when she mention nesting.  It’s not just about cleaning for me.  It has to do with making sure everything is ready and set before I go.  To the hospital, that is.  I don’t want to go anywhere until I know everything is in place.  Otherwise, it’ll plague me to no end.  Heck, it might take one of those sexy firemen to drag me out of the house and cart me to the hospital.

But then I started to wonder if my nesting was anything like plotting a story.  I wouldn’t know because the only preparation I do is write a book-cover blurb to give me an idea of what the story is about and where it’s going.  The rest is pantsing. 

I have to wonder if perhaps I had taken these same measures before starting a book, how would it affect the way I write one.  Would it?  I honestly don’t know and don’t want to experiment either.  But am I curious.  What sort of rituals or things do you do to prepare you for starting your next project?


36 thoughts on “Nesting

  1. Yes bring the baby bag. Extra clothing. Remember to change these out every so often. Snacks for mommy since you’re breast feeding, you need to eat. If you get gas the baby gets gas and nobody is happy. You might want to pack a bottle for water. Took my little one back to the island when she was three months old she needed water as well as the mammories.

    As for what I do when i start a new story. I usually have a scene in my head. i let it play over and over again in my head until i have it down and then i write it down. Then I start getting to know my characters.

    • Dang. The only snacks I have are lollipops. Good thing I asked. 😉 And I can see Baby Girl and I gassing up the room. LOL! There won’t be any denying that the kid is mine.

      I’ve started stories because of scenes in my head. Even if they don’t pan out, I like to write them out. Most of the time, they end up becoming something more than just a few pages, which is fine with me.

  2. Okay I’m exhausted reading your to do list I’ve pretty much forgotten the book prep question. Talk about exciting though! The baby, the baby – I repeat – not the book – although that’s exciting too. Are you taking your laptop to the hospital? — no kidding. Any why are there no cabbage rolls at Thanksgiving – never mind my own mother forgot last year but I digress?

    Okay, prep for a book. I used to do nothing except the setting research ie. go on the trip or delve into the history books whatever the case might be. A complete pantser. Then I got an agent and now the last two projects have been three chapters and a synopsis. And that’s tough but getting easier although I admit in the end there are still “some” changes to that synopsis. Because usually I have no idea what the characters look like or even who they are until they wake up and start talking somewhere after those beginning chapters.

    • Tee hee. I’ve thought about taking my mini laptop. Perhaps sneak it in and start sending pics to friends to family. The only problem is if they don’t allow cell phones, then they might frown on my wireless connection. Not like that won’t stop me from writing. 😉

      I admire people who can do research first and then come up with a story that fits. I’m so resistant to research because it’s so boring. I just want to jump into the story. But of course, it’s called for, so what choice do you have? And I know what you mean by writing the first three chapters and a synopsis. I still feel better having an entire book in hand and done before giving anything to my agent. *sigh*

  3. I was in the hospital with my son on his Thanksgiving. I remember being surprised at how good their turkey tasted.

    I just read Ryshia’s comment. I probably wouldn’t take the laptop to the hospital, but you might have more energy than I did after giving birth.

    I’m so eager to see the baby pictures! Very soon now.

    • Awwwww, Edie. I had planned on sending you one of those fabulous pics of Baby Girl all red-faced and probably cranky. Um…no grotesque, in-the-moment shots of the birth though. Sorry. I don’t even thing my mini could handle that kind of nastiness. 😆

  4. Wow, you are busy and here I thought I wanted to ask you to participate in a small Halloween event on my review blog. I am bringing horror and gritty dark writers [13 to be exact] and ask them a Halloween themed question. I will definitely e-mail you and hope you can supply a short answer.

    Anyway YOU are so organized it’s beyond me. I hope everything goes according to plan and do dress up for the baby shower. I want to see the pictures taken afterwards.

    • Me? Organized? Like I said, I’m blaming it on the nesting thing. Normally, I’m lucky if I list that’s three items long. 😉 I guess I should add #10 which is getting baby pics out to folks. Perhaps I’ll just throw some up on Facebook and leave it at that. Assuming I can smuggle the mini in and the nurses won’t have a cow and some calves.

      And I got your email about the Halloween thing and it sounds like fun. Just mention my most favorite holiday of the year and I’m all over it. Talk about fun!

  5. Don’t bring anything to the hospital except your insurance card. The hospitals (most of them) stock all the stuff for a new born. I remember bringing home a package of freebie-travel sizes back when I had my daughter. They’re readier than you, almost as it child birth is an emergency. 🙂

    Of course, you know I don’t prepare for anything, which might explain why I’m not published. 😉

    • 😆 I’m sure that insurance card probably means more to them than a head about to drop between my thighs. Sad, but true these days. Someone told me the same thing. Like not to worry about stuff like a hat or mittens, as the hospital will already have that stuff. I hope so because it’s getting cooler these days.

      Of course, you know I don’t prepare for anything, which might explain why I’m not published.

      LOL! You’re not alone, hon.

  6. Wow! You know, it’s so odd. When my friends are pregnant, it takes FOREVER for them to have the baby. And yet, once they have them, I blink, I swear to God no more than ONE MONTH passes, and they are six years old. It’s ridiculous!

    Lots of hospitals have wi-fi, now, or at least some way to connect to the internet. And do you need music? Or music for the baby? Change of clothes for you? Digital camera for grandma to take pictures with? A book in case you have to stay longer than expected?

    • Tee hee. I think that’s why I haven’t blabbed/blogged about much lately. I’m all about the baby these days and unless something really weird happens, you won’t hear me talking about Baby Girl.

      I didn’t think about the music. If the hospital has wi-fi, and I’m sure this place does if they have the nursery locked down like Fort Knox, then I’ll have to stock up on video links to MTV. At least it’ll give me something to focus on. Sadly, Grandma couldn’t operate a digital camera even if it came with it’s only operator. I have a coworker at the tops of my list who’s going to take some pics for me. And as for the book, I’m trying desperately to hold off on reading Richelle Mead’s Shadow Kiss. I’ll be sucking that puppy down while I’m waiting for Little Bit to make an appearance. Which reminds me. I should have someone on standby to buy book four for me in case I finish that one due to a longer stay than planned. Dang. Another item for my list. 😆

  7. I’m with Kath. Your list has me exhausted. Excitin’ stuff, though, Marcia.

    Personally I’d take pen and pad to the hospital rather than a laptop. Not pointing fingers at anyone or any profession, but things can disappear at hospitals. Ask my mother when she took my sis for a ten minute wheelchair walk and returned to find her wallet missing. Could have been another visitor … or whoever. Never did find out.

    I also agree with the comments above. I’ve heard that hospitals pretty much provide anything you need for BG.

    • 😆 The list has me exhausted, too.

      Good point about the pen and the paper. If worse comes to worse, writing stuff down by hand won’t hurt either. It’s much cheaper and less assuming, in case it might catch the eye of a would-be thief.

      And as long as the hospitals come with everything, no sense in me worrying too much. Not only that, but I plan on heading straight home after we leave the hospital, so it’s not like we’ll need too much in that baby bag anyway.

  8. Wow. Congratulations!! I’ll be at my Nano kick-off party on Halloween. The dress up stuff sounds cool if folks agree. 😀

    I usually prepare for a new novel by continuning to read and going to see a few movies, research—oh, and chocolate! 😀

    • A Nano kick0off party? Is this online or at someone’s house? Inquiring minds want to know in case we can sneak our nose inside and check out the competition. 😀

      I’m sooooooo glad to hear I’m not the only one who does movies for research. In fact, that’s the only kind of research I actually enjoy doing. And the chocolate, of course. 😆

      • Neither. It’s at a yet-to-be-determined location. Seriously. I don’t even know yet. Cool. 😀

        I love reading fiction and looking into my own sick imagination, and of course researching non-fiction as well. 😀 Movies assist but I maily use them to relax. 😀

        • I love reading fiction and looking into my own sick imagination

          That makes two of us. 😆 I find the best material there…other than playing the “what if” game while watching a movie to get my creative juices flowing.

  9. The others are all correct, the hospital will have all that you need for the baby. Bring stuff for YOU and for whoever is there with you 🙂 I didn’t do a lot of writing, I did a lot of sleeping and grousing at the nurses. Extra clothes, music, water and snacks (the food stinks) and something that is small, portable and reminds you of home.

    As for birthing a new book? I’ve been working on that lately with a lot of my favorite paranormal/scifi TV shows, reading and generally letting my research natures follow any whims it feels it needs to 🙂 It’s amazing what happens when I follow that path.

    • Tee hee. I’m putting together an emergency food squad to sneak some food into the hospital for me. If all else fails, I’m ordering take-out. But then again, knowing my mom, she’ll be leading the food squad. 😉

      I know exactly what you mean. Lately, I’ve gone back to watcing some of my favorite movies and TV shows, and catching up my YA reading. Ideas have been brewing like nobody’s business. So I agree. It wonderful when that happens by sticking to what’s tried and true. 🙂

      • *grins* sneaking of food is GOOD. Esp in the hospital. Have you seen the news on how they outsource to fast food franchises??? THEY’RE should be healthy.

        Honestly, I was so not hungry. I lived on the NYC Godiva Bonbons my uncle sent me as congrats for three days. Soooo good for the baby *rolls eyes* It was about all I could eat at the time.

        And they were damn good. 😀

        WRITE down all the ideas NOW….mommy brain kicks in and you misplace them. Seriously. Until you get a full night’s sleep again…write it down. And then write it down anyway 😀

        So says a writing mom of a 5 year old 😉

        • Everyone’s been telling me about this mommy brain thing. Sadly, it wouldn’t surprise me if it had already kicked in because I had this fabulous idea for a book and lost it. Oh well. Wasn’t meant to be if it didn’t stick. At least, that’s my excuse. 😉

          Bonbons. See? Now you have me thinking about delicious chocolate and how I’ll probably eat so many of those things that my little one will end up with chocolate breast milk. 😆

  10. I’ve been MIA but I’m not having a baby. LOL

    Just having to do a lot of personal things and also trying to write. It’s been one of those years in which you can’t control life. 😛

    I bet you’d be adorable in costume for your baby shower! Have fun!

    • What? No baby? I bet you’d be the cutest thing all plump and rounded in the tummy. 😉

      I know what you mean by trying to manage some personal stuff. I have two last things I need to manage, but when I’ll get around to them, I have no idea. In the mean time, I’m not sweating it. If I remember to buy some face paint, I’m painting my belly like a giant Easter egg and going to my baby shower. 😆

  11. That does sound crazy, but I’m so excited for you all the same! I’m at 24 weeks and already starting to get frantic, so I can’t imagine how nuts you must be by now. As for Thanksgiving, there must be someone who can sneak in a plate for you if you’re in the hospital, right? It sounds much better than hospital food.

    • 24 weeks?! DANG! I missed a post or something. Heck, I didn’t know you were preggers, too. Woohooooooooooooooo! 😀 And here I thought I was going through this thing alone. Isn’t it awesome? Okay, let me ask you that when I’m sure the morning sickness has subsided. Yes, I know I’m crazy. Blame it on the hormones. I do. 😉

      So far, my mom is willing to sneak in dinner and I have my coworkers who’ll handle lunch. And if all else fails, my next door neighbors are backup.

  12. A Halloween baby shower? So cool! I love that you’re going to paint your belly! When I was pregnant I was always nesting and planning. I can tell by your list that you’re pretty organized and calm ~ you’ve plotted well! 😉 The pantsing will come in later, after your bundle of joy is home. Take care!

    • Don’t you know it, girlfriend. 😉 I just have to remember to get the paints for the belly and find a top that won’t embarass me to death. While I’m enjoying the bigger boobs, I worry about them bouncing out of place at times. 😆

      The pantsing will come in later, after your bundle of joy is home.
      Good thing I’ve been practicing this since the beginning of my writing days.

    • 😆 Are you kidding me? I just might not get what he’s trying to say and need help from another handsome firefighter. Of course, you’re more than welcome to come and…make sure the child seat is secure.

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