Passing the Time With Ryshia

I’m guest blogging today over at Ryshia Kennie’s Passport to Romance.  Comment and you might win a free copy of STRIPPED.  And yes, it’s confirmed.  I’m a blog whore now.  😆

By the way.  did you know that Ryshia has a book coming out next month?  It’s not a confirmed date yet, but there will be more on that later.  Trust me.  😉


3 thoughts on “Passing the Time With Ryshia

  1. Well yes, you are a whore, but we love you as you are. Now become a Mormon and we are so through… And that also exludes Scientology. It’s one thing writing about alien impregnators and a whole different thing to believe it. You go girl.

    • 😆 I don’t know, Harry. After all, I am impregnated by someone I don’t know. And before you ask (because a lot of people have), I’ve come up with a great short story–horror–about a woman who’s impregnanted by some-thing. No, I’m not talking Rosenary’s Baby either. 😉

  2. Well as long as it’s human, I consent. Oh and I am looking forward to the horror short story. I have been very ill influenced by Japanese anime and I think I crave for tenticle action… *sigh* The dementedness never seizes it would seem. 🙂

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