Vacation Lethargy

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been on vacation for the last two weeks.  The emails havedried up, the same with the phone calls, and so has the blog-hopping.  None of this was intentional, but rather, it happened because life (as wonderful as it has been to me thus far) has gotten in the way.

My family visited from upstate NY.  Though I had seen them this past November during a surprise trip up there, they haven’t visited me in more than 8 years.  Nevertheless, I love my big brother and his family with all of my heart and would hold up my entire life to enjoy some family time when them. 

Not only that, but they brought my mother down, who is officially moved in.  She’s been my biggest supporter when it came to me decided to become a single mother by choice.  Other than me, she will be the primary caregiver for her granddaughter.  I don’t know about most of you, but I love my mom with every ounce of my fiber.  She rocks!  I guess that’s why I have a hard time understanding why more daughters don’t get along with their mothers.  Sure, she drives me crazy from time to time, but I wouldn’t trade her in for anything.

So where does writing fit in with all of this?  Well…it hasn’t.  No writing had gotten done and strangely enough, I don’t miss it.  Sure there’s this niggling feeling at the back of my head that keeps screaming for me to finish my YA–and I will–but it’s not enough to make me drop everything or start foaming at the mouth if I don’t get any writing time.  Don’t get me wrong either.  I LOVE writing.  It’s just that it hasn’t been the focal point of the last few weeks like it has been for years and it feels great.  Weird, I know, but that’s how it is. 

Despite all of that, I want to get some writing done.  My stories are beginning to take over my every thoughts these days.  New stories are beginning to emerge and I want to get as much done as possible before Little Bit is here.  My first course of action was to sign up for the 2010 Romantic Times Booklovers Convention.  I can’t wait to see my name on the list as one of the attending authors.  Not only that, but I’m keeping my eye on guest spots opening up. 

So even though it might be a little time before I get back into the groove again–have I mentioned that pregnancy makes you awfully tired?–don’t count me out just yet.  I’m slowly getting my groove back.



16 thoughts on “Vacation Lethargy

  1. I haven’t written since before my Daisy-dog died, and that was almost two months ago. So, don’t feel badly, or that you’re letting down your muse. Let nature take its course. Family is an important part of your life and I respect that you honored their priority as they visited you. And when the baby arrives, well, you may need to take some time off to raise her. 😉

    There’s nothing wrong with putting writing on the back burner. I’ve found it’s like riding a bike, unless, of course, the wheels fall off, which makes it that much harder to get back on track. 🙂

    • I’ve found it’s like riding a bike, unless, of course, the wheels fall off, which makes it that much harder to get back on track.

      😆 I had this picture of my arms falling off and slopping onto the floor in the middle of a crucial scene.

      You’re right, Kath. While writing is great and all, there comes a time when you have to take time out for you. The time I spent with my brother and his family is time I won’t ever get back or it’ll be a while before I see it again. I wanted to make the most of it while we had it. As Daisy would agree, life is short. It pays to cherish every moment of it. I’ve had my cherished writing moments, so it was great to have this one with my family. 🙂

  2. Marcia, two weeks is fine, but now GET BACK TO WORK! Just kidding. That really wasn’t my whip you heard cracking. 😈

    Your mother sounds awesome! Little Bit is going to be a lucky girl to have a loving mom and grandma.

  3. It’s a delight to read you are not missing writing, because right now I have not been missing it either. From May to be frank, but I am coming back to the groove. I had a very turbulent end of the semester and my summer job picked up quite a speed so I was satisfied with the inactivity, but now I am starting back with new stories.

    I even have a shapeshifter story near done with some interesting shapes. Does it appeal to you, oh published holy one? Want an exclusive read? *nudge, nudge*

    PS: I felt like a pimp for my fiction… XD

    • 😆 Nothing wrong with pimping. I feel like I do that every time I make an appearance on a blog.

      I remember reading on your blog (though I didn’t get a chance to comment), that you were busy with the job and school and other things…I think. Those are things we never anticipate as writers. So when we’re faced with them, we have to handle them. Writing, sadly, takes a back seat when it comes to real priorities that matter from day to day. That’s not to say it’s not a major one. Just one that can be put on the back burner for a while. Nothing wrong with having that kind of flexibility.

      • Yeah, pretty much. It’s been one major whirlwind after another, but I am sticking to being more productive than sleeping around for extended periods of time, which I have been doing from July to mid August. *grin*

        And I shall count you in as the exclusive first reader of “Lunar Hues”. 🙂 I gather a week or so to polish it.

  4. Good God, woman … you’re entitled to taking a break! 😆 Sometimes you need that break from writing. It charges the batteries and gets you back into the groove. I know I’ve taken a week or two from writing and always find myself refreshed and ready to tackle the next project.

    By the way … love your reference to “Little Bit”. We were calling Erin “Stashu” when we were waiting to go get her.

    I gotta get my butt signed up for the RT Conference. Since its in Ohio, I wouldn’t miss. That be drivin’ distance for me. Love it!

    • A break? What’s that? 😆 I think it was a long-time overdue on my part. Slowly, the wheels have been turning and I’m getting back to my YA. In fact, I’ve written a total of seven new pages this week. Albeit, I normally can do that in one day, but I’m taking my time and slowly relearning to love my story again.

      Oh, and yeah. You NEED to sign up for RT, girlfriend. It won’t be the same without you there. Not to mention, I’m bringing Little Bit and Grandma with me this time. She gets a kick out of the people watching, as I’m sure Little Bit will, too. 😉 Is cute Stashu going to be with you or is this a mom-only trip?

  5. I love your mother! You and her are my heroes! My mom just says, “Don’t have kids!” and “If I had to do it over again, I wouldn’t have kids.” LOL.

    Sometimes the not-missing-it periods are good. Gets things refreshed. 🙂

    I can’t wait to see baby pictures, Marcia!

    • I’m glad you take your mom in stride, Spy. If it had been me (and my big mouth), that would’ve put a rift between us as large as the Grand Canyon. Nevertheless, do what’s right for you, hon. 🙂

      And yes, there will be plenty of baby pictures. That maternity leave is going to be eaten up by them (i.e. baby’s first bath, baby’s first diaper change, baby’s first smile, etc.). Now that’s what I call family time.

  6. Family always comes first. don’t feel bad about taking a break and enjoying them.

    As for feeling tired, as my Mom was constantly saying to me…this too shall pass:)

    Tell your Mom, that she rocks for me. I love to see daughters and Mothers getting along and just plain old just liking each other. (I have two daughters of my own.)

    • Thanks, hon. I’ll definitely tell her. 🙂

      I saw how you and your daughters got along at RavenCon and thought it was awesome. So mannerful and sweet. That has to be due in part to the tight bond you have with your lovely girls. I hope to have a piece of that with my little girl someday, too.

      And yes, I’m hoping the fatigue will pass. Soon. I’m normally a very enthusiastic person, but these days you’d never know it. 🙂

  7. My mom is my best friend. We talk EASILY for an hour or two each night on the phone. We have the same view of life, and even though she doesn’t write, she reads voraciously.

    That said, when she comes to visit for a few weeks each Christmas . . . I get NOTHING done. We play Scabble, we knit, we gab. It’s just hard because I want to just BE with her rather than work/write.

    Like everyone else said, family time is so important.

    • Yay!!! Another wonderful mother-daughter relationship. 😀 I think that’s why I get very little writing done, too. My mom and I have great conversations all of the time. When she wasn’t living with me, she called at least once a week and it wasn’t out of the norm for us to talk two to three hours on the phone.

      With the little one coming into the fold during the holidays, I know we’re going to have a lot more to talk about and probably more family to share the monumental occasion with. How cool is that? I love family time.

  8. Taking time for you is the important thing a lot of us forget. I’ve learned to take me time and not feel guilty about it. LOL.

    Enjoy it and enjoy the family. Your mom sounds awesome. And little bit will have two wonderful women looking after them.

    Can’t wait to see you again at RT 2010.

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