HALF BREED Gets a Review Too!

Not to be outdone, but Half Breed got it’s own review by the lovely Magaly at Pagan Culture.  Check out this wonderful quote:

Half Breed is one of those novels where an author successfully used fiction to deal with very real social issues. I say it—or write it—again, “Marcia Colette has a way with words!”

Things like this make me love writing all the more.  😀  Even better, she gets me and what I was trying to say!  With every book I write, I like to educate a little.  It does me proud when I’ve done it without being preachy.

Marcia Colette’s novel touches on prejudice, racism, cultural assimilation, tolerance and more. And she does it without letting the reading forget that this is a shapeshifting novel. I’ve read novels that are almost as complex as this one, but not by an author who is so fresh to the genre.

We authors like stuff like this.  A huge thank you to Magaly for forming an honest (I had threatened her if she didn’t  :twisted:)  opinion toward Half Breed.  Authors can’t improve without honesty regarding their work.


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