STRIPPED’s First Review!

Check this out, baby!  My favorite line of the review:

To say this book was  good would be an understatement – it was kick ass and a bag of chips on top.

And there’s this one

Marcia Colette has created a world of wolves and supernatural forces fighting for supremacy and one man seem to be winning it all. The pace is fast – the action brutal and the term “I’m Sorry”non existent. As a new to me author she tick all my boxes with very descriptive language and with a clear structure to the plot – I was loving the little side stories that she used to gel the plot together while opening me up to a whole slew of characters that were just as easy to hate as they were to love.

Aw heck.  Let’s just say I love the entire review.  🙂

I was nervous when I saw the email from Erotic Horizon land in my mailbox.  There isn’t any sex or erotica in my STRIPPED.  Yes, it’s racy and the sexual tension makes you melt, but no sex.  I intentionally planned it that way…and had received some great fan-mail because of it. 

Nevertheless, Erotic Horizon has made my weekend and has sent me soaring.  What a fabulous way to come off my vacation lethargy.  Even my swollen ankles don’t feel so bad.  😆 

Thanks a bunch, Erotic Horizon.  I love you guys!  :mrgreen:


23 thoughts on “STRIPPED’s First Review!

  1. That kicks ass! Congratulations on your first stellar review. May many more follow in step. And you know, the unexpected marketing direction is a boost. (Must be the title that caught their eye.)

  2. Duh, it’s quite natural. I was convinced that you were good and I think that from here on every novel ahead will get you more street cred in this genre. I am excited to see when your other projects will get published. You know where to find me, if you need shout-out. 🙂

    PS: Congrats, sweety.

      • Ah now you make me generate electricity. 🙂 I am always here, usually in the shadows with my mind warped in some task or another. Right now I am trying to get some order with my blogging, so I finally started using Google Reader to keep track.

  3. Congrats! I’m so happy for you. I’m not reading the reviews because I don’t want them to influence my own, which I’ll publish sometime next week. BTW, I’m posting my review of Half Breed tomorrow morning on Pagan Culture. The book was not what I was expecting… I’m saying not more 😉

    • Thanks, Melissa! I can’t wait to get my hands on yours, too. I have a short list of books lined up that I want to purchase when they come out and you can bet that yours is there. 😉

    • Oh Ryshia, honey, I don’t deserve your lovely comments. You’re super just to put up with me and my slow butt while I try to get through my load of emails, so I can get back to you. We’re still on for the guest blogging. Mark my words, babe. 😉

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