Another Shout Out and Genre Talk

Before I forget, because absentmindedness has been running rampant with me lately…

Happy Release Day, Christina!!  Christina pops into my blog every now and then, so I had to give her a shout-out for her debut release, Leaf Letters, from Sugar and Spice press.  I love her cover.  🙂  We just missed meeting each other at ConCarolinasy this year, which I’m still kicking myself in the pants for.  I am so making up for it at next year’s convention.  And don’t let this chick fool you.  She’s a published writer, though mostly in the gaming industry.  Apples versus oranges or not, that alone is a huge accomplishment.  This is her first foray into the contemporary romance world.  I wish her all the best and know that she’ll make it big. 

Christina has left me thinking about something.  If you weren’t writing in the genre you write in now, what other genre would you choose?  For me, that’s a huge question because I’ve known the paranormal since the day I had seen my first horror movie Blood Beach.  To write in any other genre is like asking me to have a sex change.  Not gonna happen.

A while back, I was talking to a friend a while ago and she brought up an interesting point that she had learned during a stint at Clarion.  For those of you who don’t know, Clarion is one of the best “writing camps” in the country.  Many people have graduated from there to become fantastic writers.  I’d love to do it myself, but not at the cost of missing six weeks of work and thousands of dollars.  While I love writing, I know my limits.

Anyway, my friend said that she would always written fantasy and sci-fi and fantasy because it was the only thing that ever interested her.  Her first story published was a paranormal romance.  Now granted, paranormal and sci-fi/fantasy isn’t that much of a stretch.  But romance?  Even she said that she never would’ve imagined her writing in such a fluff genre.  Clarion had stretched her mind and taught her that choosing a genre is okay, but learning how to convey a story is what makes a good writer.  

I can get with this, though I still can’t see myself writing outside paranormal.  But I guess if I had to, I’d probably go with either sci-fi or contemporary.  Trust me, I’ve tried both, but for some reason, the paranormal always gets in the way.  Not that I’m complaining.  If that’s where I’m most comfortable, then why change it?

So what other genre would you write in if you could do the one you’re in now?


10 thoughts on “Another Shout Out and Genre Talk

  1. I have written in several genres: mystery, ST, WF, paranormal and sci fi. My sci fi is more paranormal than sci fi, but I’m not quibbling. Maybe it’s really fantasy. lol

    I like switching genres, though I can’t see me writing straight mystery again. Crossing genres keeps me fresh.

    • Wow. You sure you don’t want to try your hand at a YA? 😆 And if you keep it up, I’m sure you’ll slip into fantasy before you know it.

      I like crossing genres for the same reason, although I doubt going from urban fantasy to paranormal YA is much of a cross. Baby steps, I suppose.

  2. Great question, but I don’t have any great answer. I don’t know one because I get my ideas from a “what if” prompting, and those come from everywhere. I think maybe I’d try just about anything, but that wouldn’t mean I’d be any good at it.

    • 😆 I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be good at any of it either. And like you, my stories usually start with the “what if” question, too, but they always come with a paranoraml twist. Even if I think of a good contemporary plot, I’ll get bored with it real fast, if it doesn’t at least have paranormal elements.

  3. Sometime back I wrote a short romantic story, which will live in a dark drawer forever. I don’t mind reading it every now and then, but geez I swear I almost made myself puke trying to come up with some of the dialogue. I don’t know why, but every time things got difficult the characters in the story wanted blood and guts–not very romantic at all. I just can’t enjoy my books as much if they don’t have witches, vampires, and lately very feisty werewolves 😉

  4. I love Urban Fantasy. That’s why I think I was able to write a short story that someone was actually interested in publishing. I’d be one sick writer if I couldn’t write what I really love to write.

    I guess I’d try horror if I couldn’t write about my beloved paranormal creatures. Hopefully, that won’t happen.

  5. Thanks for the shout-out, Marcia! Much appreciated.

    I started out trying to write sword & sorcery fantasy. It was what I grew up on, and I was (am) a big tabletop fantasy role-playing geek, so I thought it would easily be my niche. Try as I might, I could never pull off a good story, so I gave up. A few years ago, I tried my hand at a contemporary romance, and the result was Leaf Letters. I’ve always loved romance books and romantic comedies

    Nowadays, I’m thinking that my love of fantasy could very well mesh with romance in some paranormal romance. I’ve been thinking along those lines lately. Some story ideas are percolating.

    And, everyone, I’m currently reading Marcia’s Stripped, and I am in such awe! Lovin’ it!

    Btw, anyone else think Edgar Rice Burroughs was a sci-fi romance writer? I fell in love with his John Carter books when I was young, and I think it was because of all the courting and love issues that went on in those books. To this day, I have a hard time not buying a Burroughs John Carter book if I come across one in the store….and I have them all…in several different editions. It’s madness, I tell ya!

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