Shouting Out Friends

While enjoying my own release earlier this week, I’ve realized that I’ve become woefully neglectful when it comes to shouting out friends on my blog.  I solemnly swear to repent…starting now.  😀

Check on this excerpt on my buddy Abigail McKenley’s blog.  After I had read it, I was pissed that she’s shove me into this fabulous book and leave me stranded with just the first chapter.  Of all the nerve.  😉  Anyway, I’m especially thrilled about this because it’s her debut novel.  Nothing says “It’s really happening!” like a a debut book. 


Worldly and sophisticated, Rachel Penniston thought she had seen it all. That is, until she entered ‘The Palace’, a club where a sign warns visitors that they must be ‘comfortable with nudity or open sexuality.’ When Clinton Scheff arrived at ‘The Palace’, the last thing he expected to do was find the woman of his dreams. Rachel is determined to put their encounter behind her. Achieving success has been an uphill struggle, besides should anyone find out, both their jobs and their reputations would be in jeopardy. Suddenly the calm of their everyday existence is shattered and Rachel and Clint find themselves in a fight to save not only their careers, but their lives. What they didn’t know is, before that night at ‘The Palace’, Rachel had already been chosen.

Next in line is my other buddy, the fabulous Tivi Jones.  After meeting  her the first time, this chick is a hoot.  U Chicis her first stab at getting her name out there and anyone who knows Sourcebooks, knows she’s off to a great start.  I have no doubt that she’ll make it big in the business because girlfriend has both talent and dreams.

If you want to check out some more releases, take a look at my RWA Registrationless Review blog.  Everyone listed there has a book out and I’m sure I’ve probably missed a couple more.  People should’ve warned me that pregnancy also makes you absentminded.  😆

There are more people I have to report on, but I’m waiting until their release dates to do that.  In fact, I harassed one yesterday about that very thing.  You know who you are.  😉 

With so many people helping me to get the word out, the least I can do is pay it forward.  In this business, paying it forward makes it so much easier to survive the heartaches and pitfalls that come with the rejection letters, bad reviews, and other bad news.  What better way to make the world a nicer place.  

Okay, now I’m sounding all mushy and stuff.   That’s so not my style.  These mommy hormones must have infected my brain.  Next thing you know, I’ll start liking chick flicks.  😆

So who have you paid it forward to, lately?  Or, had someone paid it forward to you?  Give them a shout-out.


7 thoughts on “Shouting Out Friends

  1. You’re amazing, Marcia! Too, too sweet! I feel so special. 🙂 Thanks for the congrats, Abigail! Now, you know I have to hop over to your blog next to check out “The Chosen One”! 😉

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