Guest Blogging at Magical Musings Today!

I really suck when it comes to being a guest on a blog.  Usually, I like to check back and reply to commentors, but I’ve been completely oblivious lately.  As if you can’t tell based on my own.  I’m so sorry guys.  Trust me, in that I’ve read each of your beautiful, supportive comments, even if you think I haven’t. 

Just chalk up my neglect to searching for a plumber who’s not a crook and will fix the leak in my first floor ceiling, multi-tasking on the day job, and trying to make sure all of my promo was in place for STRIPPED‘s release.  Of course, I had screwed that up, too, because I had forgotten to post an excerpt on the Samhain Cafe loop.  To make matters worse, my book was released on my grandmother’s birthday.  Guess what I forgot to do?  You guessed it.  I had to give grandma a call yesterday and apologize for not getting to her sooner.  Thank goodness she took it all in stride, but it would’ve been nice to remember her on her 77th birthday.  *sigh* 

Anyway, I’m blogging with the lovely ladies at Magical Musings today!  Stop by for the chance to win a free copy of STRIPPED.  This might be a second chance to win, assuming you posted over at Shapeshifter Romance, too.  😉

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