Release Day for STRIPPED!

StrippedYay!  The day has finally arrived and I couldn’t be happier…although I’ll be spending the day waiting for a plumber to come and fix the leak in my ceiling.  *sigh*  Life just doesn’t care. 

Nevertheless, it’s here and nobody is taking it away from me.  So go out and buy a copy today!  Heck, buy a bunch of copies.  I know no shame.  😀

OR…you could try your hand at winning a free one.  I’ve posted my release announcement on Shapeshifter Romance and I’m choosing one person to win a free copy.  So, go forth and post a comment.

And before I forget, the cool Jax Cassidy made this for me.  Girlfriend’s got mad skills.  😉

12 thoughts on “Release Day for STRIPPED!

  1. WOW! I’m so happy for you. And for me too because I can’t wait to read about Alexa’s beginnings!!!!

    Oh, I must say that I LOVE the “Warning: Delicious sexual tension with a werewolf who’ll wait as long as it takes for his hybrid werewolf mate to come around.” You sure have a way with words 😉

    • This is just too funny! I’m doing the same. Ha! And all because of you Melissa, I remember when you introduced me to Marcia’s writing. I have to second something you said on your blogs: Marcia’s writing makes me stop what I’m doing, so I can read her book.

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