New Website, RWA, and Baby News!

Finally!  It’s up and running.  I’m talking about my new website.  Check it out and let me know what you think.  Better yet, give that sucker a test drive. 

Though I like the work that Stonecreek Media did on my previous website, I needed a change.  Not to mention, the eyes aren’t what they used to be, so reading white fonts on a black background added to my daily eye strain.  The thunder and lightening grew tiresome, too.  It was almost as bad as having music start automatically when you open up a web page.  But I only have myself to blame because Stonecreek did exactly what I asked them to do.  Boy, have I learned my lesson.  🙂

I had my eye expert, Kathy Calarco look at the fonts and background for me to make sure it wouldn’t hurt anyone’s eyes.  Thanks to Dreamstime stock photos for helping me with a creepy looking banner that really accentuates my style.  And last but not least, a thank you to Coffee Cup Software…although I could’ve slapped the shit out of you people earlier this week because you don’t know the difference between a break tag <br> and a paragraph tag <p> when it comes to your text boxes.  What you see is NOT what you get if you’re testing out your website in various displays.  Thanks to you, you’ve made my job of maintaining my website harder, too.  😡  Good thing I know more than I want to about HTML code.

Of course, I can’t have a website change without changing up my My-hardly ever-use-Space page, too.  That’s here.  Nevertheless, I doubt the new layout will make me use it any more than usual. 

And as for some other stuff, I’ve decided to attend RWA Nationals in the cheap seats.  You know.  The ones in the bar/lobby where hundreds of authors, editors, and agents usually flock to anyway?  There’s nothing to stop me from hanging out at the hotel with my friends, so I’m going up there to meet up, have dinner, and probably tear up the town with them.  If everything goes nicely, I might never pay for another Nationals again.  I’ll just show up at the lobby of the hotels and hangout with other writers.  There’s no reason why I can’t be a business professional without it costing $475 a pop. 

Also, I case you haven’t heard me scream from the rafters yet, I’m having a baby GIRL:mrgreen:

So that’s if for now.  Check out my new website and let me know what you think.  Happy 4th of July everyone!

22 thoughts on “New Website, RWA, and Baby News!

  1. Very nice, Marcia! You are amazing to do this yourself. I didn’t understand half the stuff you were saying. 😳

    Happy 4th right back at you!

    • Thanks, Edie. 😆 Don’t worry about my techie speak. I figure if I’m going to complain about something, I want precise reasons why. If they ever read my blog (which they probably won’t), they’ll have an idea of what I’m talking about. The only good thing about the Coffee Cup Software was anything outside of the content was a piece of cake. If I ever lose my job, perhaps I’ll go into website design. Well…maybe. 😉

  2. Wow! Your MySpace page and your website are beautiful! I love them!

    There was one tiny thing: I actually clicked four pages in your navigation before I realized that you were supposed to scroll down. Your header is so tall, I couldn’t see that there was content underneath if I scrolled down.

    But that’s just me! It’s so very pretty, and I was just happy to look at the beautiful header, content or not! 🙂 Most are probably not as slow as I am, LOL!

    • Thanks, Spy, and you are not slow. I was worried about the header being too big, but any smaller and everything else shrinks, too. I had that on my last website and hated having that all of the space on the sides not being utilized.

      But feel free to look at only the header. 😆 The only reason why I have a website is because it’s probably one of the best marketing tools out there. Otherwise, I wouldn’t bother with it. I’m lazy like that.

  3. Nice new web page. It doesn’t bother my eyes at all and I love your new photo, Ms. Sexpot.

    So there you are, off to RWA Nationals. Remember, don’t drink anything that resembles Kool-Aid. 😉

    • 😆 That pic is a little old and when I was having fun with the camera. Eventually, I’ll put a new pic up there. It turned out that I didn’t like any of the ones I had taken last year bacause I had forgotten to wax my eyebrows. I look like I have two forests growing on my face. So, I see Glamour Shots in my future. *sigh*

      And the only kool-aid drinking that will be going on from now on will come out of a plastic jug in my house. That’s why I’m bucking the system and going to Nationals without paying for it. Just call me a rebel. 😉

  4. Congrats! I love the website, but I’m more excited about the baby girl–I’m sure you are too. Now, you can have all sorts of pinks around the house and no one can say a thing lol. Well, that’s if you like pink of course. I’m very happy for you.

  5. Hey Marcia. Love the new site. Very nicely done and mega-congrats on the little girl. Where did I hear that you were having twins? Or was that a nightmare in the making?

    Have fun at Nationals. I’m still whining because I’m not going. Oh well … there’s always next year.

    • Thanks, Liz. For a while there, I was worried it might be twins because I was bigger and on fertility drugs. Thank goodness (sort of) the other “twin” turned out to be a fibroid.

      Who knows? Perhaps this will start a new buck-saving trend while still reaping some of the rewards of Nationals. I know I’m sure game. 😉

    • Thanks, Joan. 🙂 I’d love to go to England, but there’s no way I’d be able to make that trip. *sigh* However, Austin in 2011? Now, THAT’S a strong possibility. I’ve always wanted to go to one.

  6. Can’t wait to see you so I can give you a great big hug! I love meeting my online friends and excited about the baby bump! One of my best girl friend’s Gemma Halliday is due in September and I’m trying to figure out a way to visit when she has her son!

    Only a few more days… 🙂

    • I’m so with you, Jax. I LOVE meeting my online friends. If it hadn’t been for them, I might not be going at all. But this is the best place to hit them all up at once, so why not? Heck, perhpas Gemma and I can rub bellies together. 😆 Better yet, maybe I need to start my little girl’s dowry. 😉

  7. First of all, I love the new website! It’s gorgeous. And I have to say, I don’t miss the thunder at all. When I read blogs, I usually go through and open up a bunch at once so that I’m reading some while others are loading. That meant once yours loaded I always had to wade through and find it again right away since the thunder got repetitive and turning off my volume meant I couldn’t listen to my music. So, yes, glad about the change. Plus, as I mentioned, it looks gorgeous!

    Oh, and congrats on having a daughter. So exciting!!!

    • Thanks, Caryn! I’ve always abhorred website that have music, so I have no idea what possessed me to think that thunder would be better. So not the case. Besides, there will be enough noise in my house soon enough. 😉

  8. Wow! When you have news Marcia, it just doesn’t stop. Love the new design of your website! And the MySpace another wow! There’s a mystique in the dark colours combined with the simplicity of the design(very easy on the eyes LOL!) Both sites mirror each other and give a clear view of who you are as a writer! Great new look!

    And a new baby – virtual hugs! Congrats!!!!

    Now I have to sit back you’ve exhausted me with all this news! 🙂

    • LOL! What can I say? I like sharing fun stuff. 😉 Thanks for the compliments on the website and MySpace page, too. I wanted to make sure there weren’t any questions about the stuff I write. My little kid won’t know what hit her.

      Now catch your breath because I love love love sharing news. 😀

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