Next Stop, Sagging Middle

There has been a change in plans.  I had planned to hire someone to revamp my website, but that fell through because I’m too cheap to fork up enough money to make it worth their while.  So, I’ve decided to drudge up enough drive to do it myself.  What it’ll look like when I’m done is anyone’s guess.  I just want it to look good and professional.  And for those of you who are still using an 800×600 display on your monitor, then you might have to scroll from let right.  Sorry, but I’m tired of squeezing everything onto a narrow page when there’s plenty of room to expand.

So what does this have to do with my muse?  A lot.  If you’ve been hurting your eyes trying to read my current website, you’ll notice that I haven’t put up a blurb for BITTERSWEET, my YA Paranormal yet.  I haven’t because the manuscript isn’t done.  In fact, my motivation for completing it had dried up.   Sadly, I knew when it happened, but continued to trudge through the mire thinking I could fix it. 

Uh huh.

I decided that if I was going to do my own website that I wanted to have something for BITTERSWEET.  Before taking the A train into the abyss, I loved it so much that it deserved one.  So, I started piecing something together.  I knew everything about it except for the one thing that would push my heroine over the edge.  The blackest moment of them all.  A bigger threat than the one she had originally perceived.  Well, I had found it with a simple “what if” question.  In fact, it was so big that it reignited my passion for this story. 

Now if only I can keep this sucker around 60K words.  *sigh*

Am I the only one who sees the downward spiral into writer’s block before it happens?  Or the moment of downturn as you head toward the sagging middle?  Do you pull the break before you slip deeper into the tunnel or do you allow yourself to plummet, hoping eventually you’ll see the light again?


12 thoughts on “Next Stop, Sagging Middle

  1. With my wip, I had a character block. Two of the characters weren’t growing as I wrote, something that never happened to me before. As for the middle, mine haven’t sagged for my last three books. I keep raising the stakes and my mind is always open to anything that will make things go wrong for my characters.

    I used to hate to be nasty to my characters. Now I love to make them suffer. 😈

    Have fun with your new website!

    • LOL. I love making my characters suffer, too. The only thing was I couldn’t figure out how to make this character suffer. I had lost direction. Once I found it again, I found a way to prolong her suffering and drop the Superwoman attittude. I’m going to have wicked fun with her now. 😈

  2. Maybe your trying too hard for a dark moment. It’s like wishing for Prince Charming, doing what you think will reel him in, when in theory the dude doesn’t exist, at least not as you perceive him.

    Don’t force the issue – could be there is no dark moment. Perhaps it’s all relative.

    P.S. Good luck with the web-site. I decided to be a Do-It-Yourselfer, and after spending the last two days painting wish I had just hired someone to do it for me. Six hours today, four yesterday, and I’m still not done. Talk about huge time suck. I could have been home writing, but now that I got the project started I have to finish it. *sigh*

    • Now that you mention it, Kath, that’s exactly what was happening. I was looking for the black moment too hard and completely ignored one built-in angle that I hadn’t explored. Leaving that manuscript alone has certainly helped.

      Too bad you can’t put stick-ups on the wall like I can the baby’s room. 🙂 I had thought about doing some actual painting, but the prospect of that had scared teh daylights out of me. Good luck with the painting, hon. Maybe you should have a voice recorder at your side so you can “verbally” write your pages.

  3. Brakes? What brakes? I usually write myself to the point of no return! You know that point where rewriting is just a well fantasized dream? Yep, right there.

    And about your website? I believe in you, I know you’ll pull it off… even if you have to pull your hair out in the process, and start torturing your characters like Eddie does.

    • 😆 I so know what you mean. It’s like you just keep going and going and going and going…and the next thing you know, you’ve forgotten where you were going.

      And the website is done!! Woohoooooooo! Now, I just have to figure out how to upload it with this new software. Fingers cross I don’t blow up the internet in the process. 😉

  4. LOL on the voice recorder. I think the only words out of my mouth while painting would all begin with “f”. Wish I could use stickers, though. The previous color was what we call “hideous blue.” A strange teal, and let me tell you, it’s like head lice. Each time I think I got rid of it all, it comes back.

    If I ever see the color again it’ll be too soon. Good thing you’re having a girl. I can focus on violets and pinks, but no more BLUE family. OH NOOOOOOO!

    P.S. Glad I helped you see the “other” black moment. Not bad for a one-eyed gal, huh?

    • LOLOLOLOLOL! I believe you. Trust me. 😉 You’re going to be dreaming in teal for a long time, hon. I’m sure the only “blue” you want to see are blue skies.

      And not bad at all for a one-eyed chick. I’m telling you, your one eye came in handy when it came to my new website, too.

  5. I don’t know what the web person was charging you, but I know someone who did my site and Faith Hunter’s–hers is the newest now. Drop me a line if you want his email address.


    • Well, I wanted to be “special” and get a WordPress website and those things cost a lot more than I was willing to dish out. Even though I have some software that helped me put one up, it’s not perfect by any means. So, don’t be surprised if I’m tired of messing around with it and hit you up after all. 😉

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