Ending the Week on a Good Note

I’ve seen the preliminary book cover for STRIPPED and it looks awesome!  😀 Some of my writing buddies have seen it, so they have a good idea.  However, they haven’t seen the one that my editor and I approved because I’m building up to the final reveal.  🙂  Anyway, it’s not the official cover yet because the publisher still has to give it the thumbs up or down.  Either way, I know it’s going to great because Samhainhas some of the best book covers in the business.  Urban and gritty, here I come.   And before you ask, yes, it’s it has many of the elements you see on UF covers today.  So let’s hope it still stands out on its own.

On another note, I’ll be heading to Charlotte, NC for ConCarolinas this weekend and I can’t wait.  I have some people to meet (Kalayna, Christina, Misty, Nicole etc.) and panels to enjoy.  The only thing I’m worried about is feeling the blahs.  Crazy, huh?  I’m fourteen weeks into my pregnancy and I have moments of tired ickiness almost everyday now.  It doesn’t last long, but boy is it annoying.  Go figure.  Either way, I’m not letting that stop me from having fun.  I might take it a little easy is all. 

Yeah.  Right. Get me around the right group of people and you’ll see just how “relaxed” I am.  😈  Let’s just say it’s a good thing I don’t drink.  Nevertheless, ConCarolinas, here I come!  If you’re there and you see me, you might be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of STRIPPED’s preliminary cover art.  😉

So what do you have planned for this weekend?  Are you ending it on a high note or a low one?


10 thoughts on “Ending the Week on a Good Note

  1. I’m heading for Cleveland tomorrow. Two Yankee/Indians games, and the rock and roll hall of fame. Should be fun and I’m hoping the weather cooperates.

    Have a great time at the Con!

    • Cleveland and baseball games? That sounds awesome!! Although, I’m not much of a baseball fan, I wouldn’t pass that up either. Just take an umbrella and you’ll be fine. In fact, you’ll be the envy of everyone. 😉

    • You lucky stiff. I’ve been hearing great things about WisRWA’s conferences. Have lots of fun and do the opposite of everything I’d do. After all, I wouldn’t want you getting in trouble or be remembered for the wrong reasons. 😆

  2. I’ll be sitting on the beach in Florida! 🙂 I’d say that’d be a high note. And take care of you with that tiredness. I remember taking mini naps all the time when preggers. Enjoy the catnaps while ya can!

    • Florida. I’ve bene trying to con my family into taking a trip to FL when they come down this summer. No dice. Yet. I have my fingers crossed that I’ll be able to change their minds. 😉

      Have double the fun for me while you’re down there. Fingers crossed that the weather stays nice for you, hon.

  3. Oh I can’t wait for the cover to be announced publicly. 🙂 I am always gasping at what Samhain can offer as cover suggestions and it’s always something smoldering.

    Mhm, I plan on a session of creativity with my artist friend, who keeps forgetting the plans we make and it’s annoying me to no end, but hey I love her too much to beat the shit out of her.

    PS: I am plaguing with belated comments on earlier posts. So you might checka bit back.

    • LOL! I gotta checkout the comments. 😉

      Even before I had become a Samhain author, I always checked out their covers every week because they so doggone eye-catching.

      Just keep sending your friend reminders ahead of time. And if that doesn’t work, then you make a deal where they pay for lunch or coffee every time they forget. Trust me, they’ll keep track. 😆

  4. Teaser on the cover!!! Not nice, Marcia. But I agree. Samhain has some of the best covers in the business as far as I’m concerned. Although I have seen some klinkers, too. Ah well. Different strokes and all that.

    Have a great time at the conference this weekend. I’m gonna be busy with a rummage sale and planting the veggie gardens. Love gettin’ dirt under my nails. Just don’t like cleaning them.

    Next week Edie and I will be attending the Wisconsin conference up in Green Bay. Cannot wait.

    • I absolutely LOVE your covers, Liz. Talk about captivating.

      One of these days, I’m gonna ship you down here to get me an veggie garden started. Everything I touch, I kill. That’s why I have my next door neighbor landscaping my front yard. 😉

      And you and Edie have a blast at the conference. One of these days, I’m gonna make it up there to one. Count on it.

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