Author Shoutout!

A HUGE shoutout to Carol A. Strickland!  My fabulous crit partner’s debut book Touch of Danger is on sale at Cerridwen Press.  I’m so excited for her. 

I had the pleasure of reading book two without reading this one, book one, and all I’ll say is this chick has her craft on lockdown.  Also, I had the chance to read another story of hers and I have my fingers crossed that it gets picked up too.  She has an incredible imagination, an amazing attention to detail, and can sniff out a plot hole better than the best of them.   😀

May you have many sales from this book and more to come.  

Blurb:  When superhero Londo (Valiant) Rand breaks through her door to save Lina O’Kelly in a burning hotel, she knows that’s just the start of her problems. Londo’s foes have temporarily blasted away his powers, leaving the two of them to outrun a mercenary army across an otherwise deserted South Pacific island. If they’re lucky they can reach safety until Londo’s powers return.

But Londo doesn’t want that, not yet. This is the one day in his life he’ll be able to touch someone without the potential of accidentally tearing them to shreds. Too bad that psychic Lina is acutely phobic to touch. What the world’s greatest superhero asks for is what she’s unable to give.

Can they escape terrorists, gales and ghosts to find haven? If they should fall deeply in love, how will they cope when Londo’s powers return and he’s too strong to hold Lina in his arms?

8 thoughts on “Author Shoutout!

  1. Thanks so much for the comments and the shout-out!!! Marcia, you’re in the dedication for Book 2, you’d better believe it. You had such great suggestions. (Now if I can only get Cerridwen to publish the book…) (If not, it’s going to This is a series and I have the first 5 books written, if not yet quite edited down to a form that suits my crit partners and me.)

    • If Cerridwen doesn’t want it, don’t count out Samhain. I can say from first-hand account that they have their act together better than most. More important, executive editor Angela James is dying to get her hands on a space opera romance. I could be wrong, but I’d say book two qualifies. 😉

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