Shapeshifter Romance and Joan’s Blog Tour

Crap.  I always forget to post when I’m blogging at Shapeshifter Romance.  Anyway, I’m there today and tomorrow, so stop by if you get a chance.  I’ll be talking about how my life shapes my ideas.

Also, I’ll be hosting my very first guest blog here on Friday as a part of Joan De La Haye‘s blog tour.  Two weeks and she’s still going strong.  At my request, because I’m crazy like that 😈 she’ll be talking about demons.  They scare me, so the best way to conquer my fears is with knowledge.  So come get an education on Friday.  And don’t forget to check out her blog tour schedule.

Hope to see you around the websphere!


6 thoughts on “Shapeshifter Romance and Joan’s Blog Tour

    • Somewhere in the early stages of my pregnancy, the words “Yay! I’m a true shapeshifter now!” had appeared in my head. Think about it. Pregnancy changes our bodies, shifting them into something different than the norm. I so can’t wait until my shape reaches its peak. 😀

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