My Convention Schedule Has Arrived

Unless you’re attending RavenCon, this might not make any sense.  Nevertheless, I’m completely stoked!  This is what my convention schedule looks like… 

Twice-Told Tales                  Friday        5:00 PM      Potomac
Urban Fantasy 101              Friday       10:00 PM    Potomac
OMG! Worst Book Evar!!     Saturday   9:00 AM     Rappahanock
Love at First Bite                  Saturday  10:00 PM    Potomac

I almost did back flips across my couch when I saw Urban Fantasy 101 on my schedule.  It was my number one pick, so it was nice to get it.  What is UF?  How does it differ from horror?  I have my own theories about this, so I’m crossing my fingers that everyone is receptive.  Nothing controversial or anything, but just 30 years of watching horror movies and an early reader/lover of Laurell K. Hamilton (among others), I’ve seen this genre mold itself into something new and different with every new UF writer out there.  That’s a good thing.  🙂 

Twice-Told Tales will be fun too.  It’s about pretty much what all books are today.  Retold tales.  How many vampire stories are out there?  Werewolves?  That’s what this panel is about. 

OMG! Worst Book Evah!!  I could talk a good hour on my own about this topic, so had better only a few lines up.  Let’s just hope the authors of some of my least favorite books aren’t sitting in the audience. 😉

Love at First Bite is probably a no-brainer.  Vampires, baby.  We’re going to be talking about the fun of True Blood, Twilight, and hopefully Moonlight.  I’ll bring up Moonlight, if nobody else does.  And what about Kindred: The Embraced?  Anyone remember that?  Anyway, this panel is going to rock!

I can’t wait to find out who my co-panelists are going to be.  Already, this is one conference I’m seriously thinking about returning to next year.

So if you were going to be on a convention/conference panel what would it be?

17 thoughts on “My Convention Schedule Has Arrived

  1. 😆 Edie, that panel would take twice as long as the Worse Book Ever. In fact, they would have to let me devote an entire day to talk about my favs.

  2. Oh you really did get the good ones and if I had the means to be there I would have been, however you know how life is. Break a leg darling in the good sense and yes, I do allow you to break another person’s leg as well. As long as it rocks your boat.

  3. I wish you could be there too, Jennifer. I bet we’d have a blast on that panel. One of these days, girlfriend. I’m going to get you on a panel with me. 😉

    Wasn’t the Kindred awesome? I’ve held onto my lousy VHS copies of the show for too long. It’s time to get the DVDs.

    How far do you live from Richmond? 😈

  4. Harry, I’d love to share a panel with you too. Talk about having fun and the interesting topics that would come up. I’ll break legs for both of us…figuratively, of course. 😉 And if I get a chance to give Temple Library Reviews a plug, you can count on it.

  5. I wouldn’t be that good in being active on a panel, but would love to be in the audience. Oh I am extremely touched by that statement. It would mean very much, if you do, but of course I am not here to press or anything. *hugs and kisses*

  6. Harry, one of the things I ADORE doing is giving my friends some props, a shoutout, whatever. It’s like promo/writer’s crack to me. 😆

    *hugs back and figners crossed I can give you one in person someday*

  7. If I sat on a panel, I’d want to be on the one that speaks to those finding their niche in markets overwhelmed with the same-old, same-old. Is there such a thing? Doubt it. From where I stand, as well as all the blogs, articles and other hoop-de-do about genre fiction, it’s a regurgitation of “same-old, same-old.”

    But you have fun, sweetie. Let me know if anyone has anything really, really fresh.

  8. That sounds like a great panel, Kath. I think that’s why I signed up for Twice Told Tales. Everything is a regurgitation of everything these days. Making it fresh is the hard part. I have some ideas of how to do that, but it might mean NY not being ready for what should come of it. After all, we all know that NY asks for fresh, but isn’t willing to go too far out on a limb when it comes to something that’s untested when it’s their money on the line. 😉

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