Holy Writing Career, Cat Woman!

I think I know that “good feeling” other writers sometimes talk about when they’re writing for more than one publisher.  I’ve finally reached that plateau and I’m scared to death, but in a very good way.

First, LOVE ON THE PROWL  (formerly entitled The Hive) will be released tentatively in September 2009 by Parker Publishing.  Can you believe that?  I know I don’t and you’d see for yourself if you could see the goofy smile on my face.  :mrgreen:  And here I thought my editor hated it.  Silly me.  There’s more exciting news for Parker as a whole, but I’ll leave the corporate folks to spill those cool beans because I have a feeling it might affect my September release.

If that’s not enough, I’ve been asked to participate in my first anthology!  Parker has it scheduled for a 2010 release date.  All I’ll say about it right now is my werecheetah series will live on and in a very cool way.  You’ll understand after you read Love on the Prowl.  My extremelyunique secondary character will have her own story.  Yay!!

So needless to say, I’m completely shocked.  My goal of having at least one release per year has come to fruition in more ways than I could’ve imagined.  Two releases this year (Stripped and Love on the Prowl) and two releases next year (Strippedin print and the Parker anthology).  Like the title says, “Holy Writing Career, Cat Woman!” 

Oh yeah.  I’m blogging at Shapeshifter Romance on Thursday.  😉


22 thoughts on “Holy Writing Career, Cat Woman!

  1. I can see your goofy but, happy smile from here. What’s this? I’m wearing a goofy smile too. Congrats. I’m so happy for you:)


  2. To be completely honest, I am not surprised. To not get such a uprise in your career would have been the same as experiencing a zombie apocalypse aka none. You go girl. 🙂

  3. I can’t even think about taxes..I owed again this year. What a drag because now I may not go to conference. 😦

    I’m with Harry, you are talented and you make your own success through smart marketing and getting yourself out there!

  4. You owe? 😦 I know that feeling. I was there a few years ago. Not fun at all. Thank goodness I’m getting something back this year. Although, I had to pay the state $46. Like that hurt.

    And thank you, Jax. 🙂 I’m glad I had learned the expensive lesson I did about marketing. With a little luck, it’ll make me a lot wiser from here on out.

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