Hitting the Nail

I was going to take a break from the blogsphere so I could concentrate on my newest WIP, but this came up and I wanted to share.  🙂

The time has come.  I’m talking about edits.  Samhain handles their edits in a way that’s new and different to me, and I like it.  But do you want to know what REALLY made me smile?  My fabulous editor called STRIPPED a “gritty urban fantasy”. 

It’s GRITTY!  Yayyyyyyyyyyyy! 

Do you have any idea how I’ve longed to hear that word?  Do you know how good it feels to have someone get you like that?  Whether it’s a crit partner, an editor, or a beta reader, nothing feels better than when they hit it on the head. 

Gritty pretty much describes my writing these days.  There are very few topics I’ll shy away from and don’t think I should.  Then again, I’ve seen so many horror movies that I’m pretty much desensitized by now.  I have no problem with putting my characters through hell and dragging them through the brimstone on their bare backs.  Let’s face it.  If I were in their shoes, I’m pretty sure the worse would happen to me.  I guess that’s why I like “glad I survived” endings.  Gotta balance out all of the doom and gloom somehow.

But getting back to the topic.  My editor gets me and I am so cool with that.  Fingers crossed that my cover artist does, too.  😉

Whether it’s an editor, a crit partner, or a beta reader, who “gets” you?


22 thoughts on “Hitting the Nail

  1. It’s so cool that your editor gets you. I think that’s every writer’s dream. I’ve only heard good things about Samhain and their editors.

    As for who gets me, my CPs do. So does Karin, my former CP.

  2. It must be heaven for you now, isn’t it? I decided that whatever genre I will do I will make it dark and gritty. Physical and psychological horror, antagonists as characters and merciless missions, this is the new me.

    I haven’t had a very continuing relationship with critters, but I have had thbese people who get me totally. 🙂 You included.

  3. I’m still trying to “get” me. 😉 I used to understand my writing and the message I was hoping to send, but then I began over-thinking it based on what’s already out on the bookshelves.

    Someday I’ll get “me” back, but until then, I’ve got other goals to fulfill, so writing toward publication is at the bottom of my “to do” list.

  4. You know, I’ve always been worried whether or not I “get” my readers. That’s probably number one important to me, and I’ve never considered the opposite. Gosh, not once.

    I think it’s leftover from teaching, the whole “the children are all that matter” thing accidentally becoming “I don’t matter.” I actually think I’m a pretty self-centered and slightly selfish person.

  5. Edie, you don’t need me to tell you how important it is for a crit partner to get you. I’ve been with the Oprah-Winfrey-wanna-be crit partners and it was horrible.

    Kudos to your crit partners, because they’ve been doing you one heck of an awesome service. 😉

  6. Aw, thanks Harry. 🙂 I’m rooting for the new you, too. I haven’t had any crit relationships recently and I’m loving it. Not that I don’t crit partners have their purpose, but it’s hard finding the right person who clicks with you and what you write.

    Yay to the new you, too. From one “gritty” writer to another, I know I’m going to like it. 😉

  7. Kath, I think you get you just fine. I know because every time you read what’s out there and you don’t try to incorporate it into your own writing. That’s the first step to a writer finding their voice, and eventually, IMHO, the heart of their stories. That’s what really matters. 😉

  8. 😆 Caryn, for some reason the old HEA or “happily for now” wasn’t a good fit for me. I just want my characters to be happy that they got through hell in one piece.

  9. iI’ve always been worried whether or not I “get” my readers.

    My gosh, girl. How did you survive? 😯

    Sometimes, it pays to be a little self-centered and selfish. I think that’s how we keep ourselves from going crazy and not letting people walk all over us. Whenever I write, I write with me in mind and as my first audience. Nobody else figures into the picture. If that’s selfishenss, then so be it. Whether you’re writing for ten people or a thousand, they’ll all have varying opinions about your work. When it comes to my work, I prefer to please the most narrow-minded person first. Me. 😉

  10. LOL, so true! And believe me, it’s a problem. My student’s parents are suddenly walking all over me this year, and I’ve definitely said, “Enough!”

    I came back because I mentally asked you a question, but I see I didn’t actually type it so you could read it

    How is Samhain’s editing process different?

  11. I hear ya. I would’ve tore their kid away from the piano, packed up their things, and ushered him/her and their parent(s) out the door. Nobody is allowed to drive you crazy on your own turf. 😆

    Samhain’s process is a little different because they do a “preliminary” edit. In other words, they edit the first few chapters of your book, then send it back for you to edit the entire book again, using their initial edits as a guideline of things to watch out for. Once you’re done, it goes back to your editor for deeper edits. The process repeats again so you can fix those edits.

    I can see where this not only saves time for the editor, but it gives you a chance to fix other things that might have been nagging you. Whenever I’ve done edits with other editors, you get one shot to make it right and that’s it. So it’s like double the pressure, double the chances of overlooking something. At least, that’s true for me. I’ve never worked well under pressure. Samhain’s way doesn’t make me feel pressured at all.

  12. Yay, Marcia! I’m so happy for you! Nothing else to say, just a congratulations as I attempt to focus on my own WIP. You inspired me. ( I think I can, I think I can…)

  13. As far as I remember you pretty much thanked me for getting you back, when I reviewed your pretty little PR, so if needed I am always around. 🙂 And yes the crit relationship is like having a mirror and you need the right reflection…

    Anyways yes, gritty is the new me. 🙂

  14. Marcia, I knew you’d get me! 😉

    So true. The last thing I’ll do is try to incorporate what’s already on the shelves, in fact, I find that my voice runs in the opposite direction (screaming). 🙂

  15. 😆 I don’t know Jax. Girlfriend, I certainly had my moments. Damn doubt demons. But they’ve been told to hit the road and I can see them packing now.

  16. Excellent I’m so glad the doubt demons are packing – because I think they only had to read your blog to know the truth. But it’s still fantastic to have someone in the industry get you. Of course I am going to read the book too – just as soon as it’s out!

  17. *HUGS* Ryshia. Bad person that I am, I still have your book on my TBR pile. Then again, that TBR pile will take some serious rock climbing to get through.

    And yes, it’s a great feeling to know someone gets your work…especially when we’re wondering if we’re writing ourselves into a hole. Woohoo! 😀

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