American Title V & Blogging at Shapeshifter Romance!!

In case you don’t know, Edie Ramer has made it to the next round of the American Title V contest.  Yippeeeeeeeee!  She’s cooking with gas, lighter fluid, firecrakers…you name it!!  So make sure you put your vote in today so we can keep an author’s dream alive.  😉  All you have to do is send an email to and put DEAD PEOPLE in the subject line.  For more information, check out it out here.

In other fun news, I’m blogging over at Shapeshifter Romance today and I’m doing another movie review.  This time, my victim is Twilight.  It’s not all that bad, but…  Well, you’ll just have to see for yourself.  Just keep in mind that I only read the first 10 pages (I think) of the book before tossing it under my bed and never opening it again.  🙂


9 thoughts on “American Title V & Blogging at Shapeshifter Romance!!

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  2. Maybe the film adaptation improves on the book. Sometimes, however, commercial film adaptations, which I believe “Twilight” falls under, stick with the book’s elements while “Hollywooding” it all up. (Can you tell I’m in a Fiction to Film class?)

    I haven’t read the book and have no plans on putting it in my TBR pile. However, that has nothing to do with Stephen King’s remarks about its author. I’m just not that into commercial best sellers. I’ll go check out your review. I know it’ll be awesome!

  3. I feel the same way about the book as you did. But I read it all the way through and the whole time I felt incredibly uncomfortable with their relationship for many reasons like the strange staring episodes (yeah, I also grew up in an area where you didn’t stare at anyone too long without starting a potential fight.). And the two parts of the book I found enjoyable were the same as you: the baseball game and the ending.

    But back to the uncomfortable part … you know how something can pull you out of a book that you find so unbelievable and inconsistent that you can’t get back into the story?

    Well, it happened to me with Twilight.

    I couldn’t get over why 100-year-old vampires would go to high school. Honestly, couldn’t they have told the town they were being home schooled? No offense to high schoolers at there, but I could NEVER go back to high school. Even if I looked 17, I’d still be grandpa’s age inside and couldn’t deal with all the pubescent drama that comes with that age. I’ve been through it once, please don’t subject me to the trials and tribulations of being a teenager again. Not to mention sitting through class after class of stuff I’ve already learned 10 times over. If Meyers had Bella in college, it would’ve changed everything for me. I could have seen a 100-year-old vampire going to college to take up a new major and learn something new, because what else is there to do when you live that long? I guess I’ve been spoiled on the myriad of vampire tales I’ve read prior to this, so my expectations were really high. Anne Rice did it best with Claudia, who looks like a 5-year-old but is actually a full-grown woman inside. You’d never put her in kindergarten—well, unless you want her to snack on the other children.

    I’ve read this type of story many times before. Maybe because I’ve been obsessed with vampire stories since I was in middle school. It’s nothing new to have a star-crossed love affair with a vampire. And to have the said vampire save the damsel. If you want to see a great star-crossed vampire love story, then check out Buffy and Angel. She was 17 (like Bella) and he was over a 100 and Joss Whedon made it work. Their doomed relationship still gives me shivers to this day.

    Dammit, I miss Buffy and Angel!

    However, I do have to give Meyers props. She brought back a new kind of excitement for vampire lore and paranormal romance. Let’s hope it trickles out to the rest of the industry.

  4. SMOOCH! Thanks so much for promoting me, Marcia. You’re a sweetheart.

    I couldn’t get through the first chapter of Twilight either. I didn’t find anything special about her writing and the situation.

    Too funny what Jennifer says about the vamp going back to high school. It’s so true! I’d never go back either.

  5. Marcia, I read the book and saw the movie, and loved them. Twilight was different for me, and I haven’t a clue why. I just had a favorable reaction to it.

    Yay, Edie on the contest! Whoo Hoo, big time!

  6. Kathy, that’s another nodding-my-head moment. These days, Hollywood is always going to put their glamour and glitz on a movie, as if they can make it better than the book. In all of my movie years, I’ve NEVER known that to happen. The movie might be on par with the book, but better? Not gonna happen.

    What you say about the indie films is very true, too. I could be mistaken, but I think Slum Dog Millionaire was a little indie film that could and look where it’s headed now? Though I’m picky about my indies, there’s something about them that shine.

  7. Yay, Jennifer!! I’m so glad it isn’t just me. 😀 At 100 years old, I think it would be safe to say, you’ve gotten the basics. Could they not find anything more interesting to do? Not only that, but the whole teenage hormome thing? Hooooooney, they must have been stuck in hormone hell at the time they became vampires and it stayed with them for the last 100 years. I agree with you 100%. Meyers should’ve put Bella in college and had her met Edward there. I think it would’ve been hiliarious to see Edward with about 10 doctorates in useless subjects.

    Excellent comparison to the star-crossed lovers, too. Buffy and Angel were tops for me. Joss Whedon did NOT sugarcoat their relationship. He let them know from the the word “go” that it was going to be a rough haul and that’s exactly what happened. That’s what made it such a classic. And Claudia! Oh. My. God. Talk about an amazing gift for characterization. Anne Rice gets HUGE props for that one.

    But like you said, Stephanie Meyers did a damn good job with something because she’s probably the next author who’ll have a theme park based on her series. While I won’t say she won me over as a fan, I will say that I’m intrigued. However, that second book had better live up to some common sense or my stint with Meyers will be over.

  8. Edie, I’ve got to introduce you to Jennifer these days. We see so eye to eye on things that it’s scary. 😉

    And big HUGS to you, too, girlfriend. You know I can’t let it go that you’ve made it this far and we need to keep you going the rest of the way.

  9. LaDonna, when I put on my Facebook page that I couldn’t decided between Twilight and The Day the Earth Stood Still, just about everyone voted for Twlight. That was the reason why I saw it. They loved the movie just like you did, which is why I have a feeling I might be in the minority on this one. Oh well…at least I’m not alone. 😉

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