Guest Writer at RavenCon!

Oooooooo, I’m loving this guest writer thing!  😀

I’ve been holding onto this news for the past few days simply because I wanted to make sure it was official first.  Well, it is and here’s the page to prove it.  Yeah, I know about the name misspelling, but still…  I’ve scored a guest spot on the conference I’ve had my eye on for some time now.  Woohoooooooooo! 

For a small convention, RavenCon is on its way to becoming one of the best sci-fi/fantasy hangouts around, assuming it’s not already there.  I’ve heard people say nothing but the best about it, so I want to experience it for myself.  But to experience it as a guest writer makes it all the sweeter.  😉

So, if you’re in the Richmond, VA area from April 24 – 26th, stop by and say hello.  You can witness me getting all giddy and stuff when I meet people who are like, “I know you.  I’ve read your book!”  Just knowing who I am is a feat in itself. 

Hmmmm…  I smell a potential contest idea brewing.  😈   

If only I can land a guest spot at DragonCon, too.  I have a feeling this one might be more difficult because the word is out about their awesome writer’s track.  Writers with more fame than little ol’ me are attending, which will limit the number of open spots considerably.  Alas, only time will tell.  *sigh* 

…back to our regularly scheduled program of one blog every few days instead of this often.

What’s your dream conference/convention (it doesn’t have to be associated with writing) and why?

15 thoughts on “Guest Writer at RavenCon!

  1. Marcia, your bio reads great. And of course, you’re so gorgeous.

    My favorite conventions are ones I can hang out with my friends. When I sell, that will be different. I’ll try to get workshop and speaker gigs. I wish I could see you at RavenCon, but, alas, it’s Nevermore. 😈

  2. Congrats on the guest spot Honey. You soooooooo deserve it! My favorite convention is M&M. Not as big as nationals and small enough that you get to hang out with the best friends in the world. (Hint…Hint)

  3. This is SO exciting, Marcia. My brother lives in Richmond, so if I had my own car I would definitely go up there. But I don’t, which sucks. I wonder if my brother can do some weird kind of Freaky Friday thing. But then I’d have to go to his job, and I dont’ like jobs.

  4. 😆 “Alas, it’s Nevermore.” Now, THAT’S a good one. Which reminds me, I should probably hit up the Edgar Allen Poe museum while I’m there. 😉

    That’s what I’m talking about, Edie. That’s why I LOVE RT so much. I meet tons of friends there and even pick up a dozen new ones. And the speaker gigs? AWESOME! I had a blast at my very first one last year. Even better, I shared the panel with the verra cool Seressia Glass. If you ever get a chance to meet her, she’s a sweetheart. 😉

  5. The hint was very well received, Abigail. 😆

    By the way, you’re going to be at M&M this year, right? I’m already registered and ready to go, so I hope to see you there. It’ll be your turn to do the signing thang, so I’m going to wait until then to get your book. I want my autographed, baby!

    See what I mean about meeting some of the coolest folks at conferences and conventions?

  6. Zoe, girl, you and I are just going to have to make some plans and meet up somewhere, so we can bring down the house. Tell that brother of yours to send you money for a bus ticket or something so we can bring Richmond to its knees. 😆

  7. Okay,.. Excuse me for sounding like a person who has no idea of these things, but what will you be doing there as a function. Satnding pretty although you can ace that one is not how I imagine you, more like with your mouth open and saying things, but enlighten me. *grin*

  8. 😆 Harry, you’re too much. I guess I should’ve included that in my post. Chalk it up to my being overly excited about this.

    Chances are I’ll probably be on a writer’s panel or two, which is fine with me. Though I haven’t seen a program from RavenCon yet, it’ll most likely be something pertaining to the paranormal side of things. If there are enough of us, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was an urban fantasy discussion or two, too. Ooooooo! Now THAT’S what I’d like to sink my teeth into.

  9. And that is fantastic!
    I would be thrilled to be there and see you, but alas I will not be able to. Send me photos later and have fun. I do hope you get to entice people into proper urban fantasy.

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