Blogging at Shapeshifter Romance!

What would kind of blog would we be if we didn’t give a review of Underworld: Rise of the Lycans?  No worries.  I’ve taken care of that.  I got a little passionate about a particular character, so much so that we might have been violated some FAA regulations.  So, I decided to tone it down a bit.  Nevertheless, check it out.


12 thoughts on “Blogging at Shapeshifter Romance!

  1. Mhm, I could do without the romance. Give me the action and the gore!! I still love these movies, but have forgotten some of the names. I hate names as I always forget them. GRR! But fab review and I feel the same way about the beginning statement!

  2. It’s funny you should say that, Harry. I think the urban fantasy side of me wanted to give it an A- while the paranormal romance side of me said B+.

    I assumed Rise of the Lycans would be more of a paranormal romance, but I didn’t see it any signs of the romance until after the sex scene. By then, it was too late and they had to work extra hard to make me believe Lucian and Sonja were really in love. I did eventually, but I still think it was a missed opporunity to make this one hell of a movie, both for both my paranormal romance and urban fantasy sides. All in all, I’d see it again because I liked it.

  3. As much as I like romance, I mean the great tragedies of love and heart aches and trepidations, I see too much romance, too much sex and even too much affection. It’s not only novels, but movies, commercials and genre doesn’t matter. It has to be love or something gravitating around a relationship, always and I am starting to get fed up with it. I wouldn’t mind a kind of deviation from this trend. My responce towards romance nowadays is “Too much of something good is always unhealthy”. I just need something that concentrates elsewhere for awhile and action is good. No offence or anything, but I can understand your frustration. I mean paranormal romance is what you breathe and well when something like this is missed it’s only natural to get pissed off.

  4. Marcia, feel free to loan* me the first one. I’ll be sure to take good care of it…hehe 😀

    *loan- give an item to another person and relinquish all rights to it. 😛

  5. Me? Frustrated, Harry? 😆 Actually, I think you and I are on the same wavelength.

    Urban fantasy was my first love before anyone knew how to classify it. I love the action, the intrigue, and the excitement that come with it. Whether there’s a relationship in there or not is irrelevent to me…which is why I know I’ve changed a lot as writer. It’s also the main reason why I decided to re-brand myself and move toward the “creepier side of writing.” In fact, I think I have a blog coming up this week that “sort of” talks along the same lines. 😉

    I’ve dipped my toes into the paranormal romance pool and liked it. No doubts about that. I respect it and completely understand the appeal of the genre, too. Heck, I have a good idea for a third in my werecheetah series. However…my stories are more likely to take on a few romantic elements than come off as a full-blown romance because that’s what I like to write. I like action, suspence, and mystery more than anything. Sadly enough, I discovered this while writing THE HIVE (werecheetah book 2). So, I’m eagerly waiting to see how my editor will classify it. Paranormal romance or urban fantasy? *shrug*

    The supernatural world is not readily available to us, making it more intriguing to me than romance. That’s why my writing has shifted more toward urban fantasy and horror. For me, that’s where the fun lies. Paranormal romance isn’t necessarily dead to me, but it has become one of those things that I REALLY have to be in the mood to write.

  6. I guess we are pretty much on the same page [hah, I used another metaphor] and I feel the same about urban fantasy. I was playing urban fantasy scenarios in my head long before I had any idea I would end up writing or Buffy came on board, which actually came way later.

    Paranormal romance, with all my respect towards it, is stuck in a shitty rut and can’t get out. It is like I am reading the same story over and over again on an emotional level. She is good, he is evil, they don’t like each other but have to work togather and then fall in love and she/he does stupid things to save their mate just so the story can move forward. Sure romance can’t exactly change it’s rule, but the author can change the circumstances and the characters and what not. I don’t see that going on and the cliches get to me. To be honest so far only Gena Showalter has done some tweking to the formula and you added something new to the formula in your first werecheetah novel, but it’s not enough.

    I love action more and I go to the dark side. 🙂
    Oh, how I missed these discussions with you. *grin*

  7. Harry, if we had these discussions face to face in a coffee house somewhere, by the time we left we would be sporting kidney infections. 😆

    And you hit it on the head for me. While I like romance, it’s the rules that bother me. I’m more of a true-to-life person, in that I like stories that leave you wondering if a place or a world like this could really exist in the same one we live in. Romance can do it, but not if an author refuses to losen up the rules strangling their creativity. I know many writers who won’t because they’re afraid of losing their readership and that’s when the genre becomes stagnant. Of course, there authors who’ll argue that they’re exercising the ultimate creativity by writing within the given rules. Whatever. To each is own, I guess.

    I’m not afraid to break or bend the rules in favor of a better, stronger story. In fact, I look forward to smashing all of them to hell. 😈

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