Space. The YA Frontier

In addition to horror, paranormal, and urban fantasy, I’m a big sci-fi fan, though my tastes are more along the lines of the Alien and Star Wars books.  Go ahead.  Call me a nerd.  I can take it.  😉

For months I’ve been trying to put together a sci-fi story and haven’t come up with anything that interests me.  In fact, I have about 80 pages of a sci-fi set in the Antarctic future.  Though it’s a good story, I don’t think it’s great, and that’s why I’ve stopped writing it.

Remember a few months back (November, I think), I said I wanted to try my hand with YA?  Well, just like the Antarctica sci-fi, what I had written didn’t take off.  I’ve had two false starts, and the passion for producing one had fizzled into nothingness.  I let it go because I thought, I must have been out of my mind, thinking I could write a YA.  Ha!  Boy, was I a moron.

Things have changed with the two becoming one.  I’m talking about my new project, a sci-fi YA.  I have almost 25-percent of it done and a long, fun way to go.  It’s nothing like the two stories I’ve started, so it’s not like I can cannibalize from them.  I even have a title for it, though I’m not willing to share just yet.  😉  I don’t like sharing my titles because they tend to give away key pieces of what the story is about.  So for now, I’m calling my secret project by its genre name.  Also, I already have an outline for a possible book two, which will have a little bit more of a sci-fi horror slant. 😈 

There you have it.  Leave it to me to take the less popular road.  Instead of trying my hand with very hot paranormal YA market, I’m going the Sci-Fi route.  I’m hoping this project doesn’t end up on the back burner with more than thirty others.

Marrying two stories together is how I came up with this idea.  How do you come up with some of yours?

12 thoughts on “Space. The YA Frontier

  1. My ideas come from everywhere, and too numerous to mention. But, I’ll give you the top two: life and poetry.

    Good luck with the sci-fi YA. It must be keeping you very, very busy.

  2. Between that and work, it is. 😦

    I don’t know how you do it, girlfriend. I’ve tried poetry, but it turned out to be a disaster. Though I don’t mind reading it, it’s one of those things I can’t write worth spit. You go, girl.

  3. Hey Marcia, love your new direction! It sounds like something I’ll nab first time it’s on the shelves. The YA market totally surprised me whenever I picked up the Twilight series. It’s a hot market, and in my view doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Fingers crossed the novel takes off going ninety!

    My ideas come through characters. Seriously, it’s the first brush on a blank canvas for me. Now the listening factor of our arrangement can take a while, but once I hear them loud and clear the story begins.

  4. Here’s to hoping the YA market doesn’t stop. 😀

    I’ve started out books with characters, too. I put one’s history together and then I try to craft a befitting story around them. I LOVE that method, too, because by then you know your characters well.

  5. I think that’s a brilliant idea: writing what you love and being excited about the story opposed to writing what is hot. Sci-fi will always have a cult following and with the popularity of Battlestar and the new Star Trek (following their younger years), I think publishers may just perk up to your story. I’d definitely read it, and I’m also a nerd like you. 😛 We’re in good company!

    My story ideas are fueled by various things, though some of my best ideas have been through dreams, reading science magazines, and watching ghost and “the unexplained” stories. I’ve started clipping articles from Discover magazines on different technological breakthroughs and even studies about abnormal abilities of animals and insects. When I read these stories, I start imagining a “what if?” scenario.

  6. I’ve done the same thing with magazine articles. Some have caught my eye and pushed me into the “what if” scenario, too. I love it when a TV show does that. Right now, I have been hardcore Paranormal State, so I’m hoping it’ll brew some ideas, too. I LOVE the paranormal and “unexplained”.

    Jennifer, that’s why I love the company I keep. 😉 Nerds to the end, baby. I’d love to have my own teenage, sci-fi cult following. Heck, I’ll take any following I can get my hands on.

  7. Ooh, I’m so curious now! Hope good things come of it and I can read it before too long. Well, in a year or two, at least… As for story ideas, they usually start with me thinking, “What would happen if…?” Absolutely anything can spark a story idea. It’s the rare one that interests me enough to turn into a whole book, though. That usually happens when the characters start talking to me and I start thinking up plot points without too much trouble.

  8. Thanks, Caryn!

    I love having conversations with my characters. Whether I have an approach to that “what if” question or not, if I don’t have the character in place, there won’t be much writing going on. Talking characters are awesome. 🙂

  9. Hm… you probably don’t really want to know this, but I’ll tell you anyway. I was in Dover, DE at the military morgue–yep I was in the fridge surrounded by cadavers. Did I ever tell you what I used to used to do for a living?

    Well, there were a few of us: two Sergeants, a Corporal, My Lieutenant and I was a Staff Sergeant at the time. We went from the cold room to the autopsy area and do you know what they do with the insides of dead bodies to get them ready for burial? Better if you don’t, anyway, it seems that my Lieutenant didn’t KNOW because her skin turned a shade I didn’t believe humanly possible, that’s when the idea struck me.

    I’ve been writing it, revising it and rewriting it ever since. In a few more months I think I’ll be ready to try my luck.

    • I can imagine. As closed as I had come to body parts is working in a pathology lab out of college. Other than funerals, I was lucky that I had never seen a full, complete corpse, which is fine by me. However, I have a feeling that’s why I don’t have a problem with someone losing a body part or two in any of my books. 😉

      And good luck with the book, too. I can only imagine how an image like that would get the creative juices flowing. I know it would do a job on mine. 😈

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