Guest Panelist!

Guess what?  Just like the title says, I’m going to be a guest panelist at ConCarolinas!  I had received my approval yesterday, so I’m a very happy camper.  😀

This will be my first ConCarolinas.  It’s also part of my plan to check out some of my local cons instead of spending gobs of money to go to the bigger ones where I don’t stand a snowball’s chance at being on a panel.

What tracks I’ll be on, I have no idea because I haven’t seen the list yet.  All I know is I like talking about movies, books, the publishing industry, and the writing process.

And although this is off topic (sort of), I got the thumbs-up for an article I had written for my company’s internal website.  That means it has the potential to reach about 300,000 people.  Too bad I couldn’t use my pen name and/or website instead of my job title in the signature line.  Oh well.  I guess it means I can add computer articles to my writing resume.  😉


16 thoughts on “Guest Panelist!

  1. Awesome! Congrats! I attended ConCarolinas last year (as an fan, not a guest, obviously) and had tons of fun. I’m hoping to go again this year, so I’ll look for you!

  2. Oh, Kalayna, please come. Pretty please? It’s always fun to pal around with someone at these things. Even better if they already know the ropes, too.

    And why aren’t you coming as a guest, young lady? Hmmmm? 😉

  3. Kathy, you have nooooooo idea. One of these days, we REALLY need to make plans to show up to one together. Especially, if it’s something like the ganddaddy of them all. DragonCon. You won’t be disappointed. The people watching alone is priceless. 😀

  4. Woo Hoo panel! And Woo Hoo You for being excited about it! (not sure I could find the balls…(yeah, I suck at public stuff)

    And your 300, 000 distribution article will factor in…somehwere it will. I know it! WTG!

  5. Thanks, Lainey. 😀

    All it takes is that first panel discussion and it gets easier from there. In fact, the more you do, the funner it gets. I’m sure in the right venue, you would be awesome.

  6. That’s great, Marcia! I really need to start going to conventions…ConCarolina sounds like a great (and interesting) convention!

    And that’s AWESOME about your article! Get it, girl!

  7. Tivi, girl, you’re a hoot! 🙂

    Once you start going to conventions and having a good time, they’re like crack. Don’t think for a second that they’re all alike either. A sci-fi/fantasy con is sooooooo different from a writer’s con. If you don’t go to RWA Nationals this year, I highly recommend Moonlight and Magnolias.

  8. Thanks, Caryn.

    I’ll tell you, it’s a bummer. 300,000 people is a nice potential fanbase to have. As it is, not that many people in my office know about my writing endeavors because they think I’m this sweet, innocent person. Little do they know. 😈

  9. Hey Marcia, way to go! Sounds like you’ve got a plan and it’s working. 😆 Keep us posted on the panel too. You’ll wow them, and go back by popular demand…

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