Release Date for STRIPPED

There are two reasons for the picture on the right.  First, it’s a picture of Boston Harbor.  Before moving to North Carolina, I used to live in Boston, which is where my urban fantasy, STRIPPED, takes place.  One thing I’ve always admired most about Beantown is the amount of delicious history on every street.  It made sense to set a story there, and it won’t be the last.  😉

Another reason for the picture is just like the title for this post says.  I have  a tentative release date. Yay!  That’s a cause for celebration, if nothing else.  I’m still trying to get used to the fact that I won’t have to wait 2+ years between published books.  That in itself is pretty darn cool.  Anyway, STRIPPED will be coming to the information super highway on August 4, 2009.  Things might change, but at least it gives me time to get some promo done. 

So when it comes to the new year, I’ve got part of my mine carved out.  I’ll be celebrating with a new book and hopefully some more exciting things to come. 

By now you’re probably all resolution-ed out.  So, let’s go about this a different way.  What do you hope not to repeat in 2009?  What do you wish you could take back?  For me, I wish I would’ve better thought out my promotional plans for Unstable Environment.  I seriously think it perpetuated my overspending.


16 thoughts on “Release Date for STRIPPED

  1. I knew that I had to come sooner or later. Super cool news and way to go. Mhm, I would hope not to repeat the dumbass thing and stop midnovel for about two and a half months, until the story died on me completely. That was really stupid…

  2. Congratulations, Marcia! It’s looking to be a fruitful year for you. 😎

    The one thing I’d take back is trying to go blonde. It wrecked my hair, but I thought my hair was frizzy from the humid weather. Thank God hair grows again.

  3. What a great start to 2009 Marcia but than it’s going to be a banner year – don’t get me going on the number thing. Congrats!!!!!!!

    What I wish I could take back – every press release I ever sent and starting out without a marketing plan – a plan would have prevented much wasted effort including the useless press releases. On the upside, it was the wasted effort marketing strategies that were often the most fun – go figure!

  4. Thanks, Harry.

    You have no idea how many times I’ve done that. 😦 In fact, I’ve got about 20 unfinished novels that are most likely not going to get finished because a better idea always came along. But look at the bright side. If the story is meant to get out, it’ll find a way.

  5. OMG, Edie! You went blonde? Man, would I have loved to have seen that. YOu’ve got more guts than I do, girlfriend. Your red hair is ingrained on me, so I can’t picture you any other way.

    And I’m not the only one with a fruitful year. Yours is looking very VERY bright, too. 😉

  6. Oh, Ryshia, I know. I was just getting used to writing 2008. 😉

    I know exactly what you mean by the press releases, only I did the opposite. I never did any and I had every intension to do some. Instead, I did other things that were probably a LOT less profitable and time consuming in the end. But like you said, the great part about it was the fun. I got a chance to meet a lot of people that way. There’s no taking that back and I’m okay with that.

  7. ROFLMAO!! 😆 Oh, Kath. I don’t mean to laugh or anything, but damn, girl, if that wasn’t a good one. I bow to you, maestro. You certainly have the Christopher Moore spunk in you.

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