Expanding My Horizons

HWAIt’s official!  My application to join the Horror Writers Association has been approved!  This has been a long time in coming simply because I’ve been eyeballing their organization for years now.  I was able to join after Half Breed hit the scene, but I’ve been reluctant to do so because I had already found RWA and a bunch of friendly faces to go with it.  Now that I’ve seen and tasted their waters, I’m dipping my toe into another pond.  A murkier one.  One that will help me live up to my tagline.  And just so that you know, I’m not a proponent of joining a writer’s group if you think they’ll get you published faster.  They won’t.  I like them solely for the camaraderie. 

I’ve finally figured out where to get a Twitter badge and have placed it on my website where my newsletter link used to be.  For some reason, I can’t get to the admin page for my newsletter.  So, if you’ve signed up, I don’t know when it’ll be active again.  Anyway, the good thing about Twitter is you’ll probably get more up-to-date info on me and my antics.  It’s one of the few marketing gimmicks that has grown on me.  Just throw up a sentence or two that’s less than 140 characters long and you’re good to go.  I can handle that.  😉

 Am I the only one who finds Facebook annoying?  Every time I turn around, someone is sending me sea garden creatures, flinging thongs at me, petting my virtual dog, and other crazy stuff like that.  They’ve asked me to join their vampire league, a group of superheros, or their circus.  Some Facebook addicts need to step away from the computer and find another hobby.  I don’t have time to play around on that thing when I could be working on a WIP.  So, if you send me something and I don’t reply, that’s why.  I pop on Facebook long enough to accept a friend request and change my status, but that’s about it.  If it weren’t for some of my non-writing friends, family, and coworkers being there, I’d probably delete my account.  That’s how I keep in touch with my loved ones…after I’ve been screening their calls because I’m head’s down in the middle of writing.  Yes, doggone it, I’m that evil.  😈

Exposure doesn’t always mean sales to me.  It means connecting with other writers, readers, and people in general.  Making friends.  They say writing can get lonely, though I have yet to experience this because I have a plethora of online friends.  I’ve walked away from conventions meeting so many new faces that not being able to see them in 2009 hurts.  Drop me a line and I’ll happily reply.  Come at me on Facebook with a request to “body slam in the mud pits of hell” and you will get silence.  That’s just not the way to get to know people.  

So what have you done to expand your horizons lately?  Join a group?  Embark on an exciting journey?

P.S.  Two weeks off from work!  Yayyyyyyyy!  *happy dance*


11 thoughts on “Expanding My Horizons

  1. I think most people ignore those things. I do go on for my Pet Pupz. I take care of him nearly every day. I used to play Scrabulous and Word Twist with friends, that was cool.

    Nowadays I pet and feed my puppy, see if Melanie is online and, if so, chat with her, update my status, and pretty much forget everything else.

    People really don’t know if you hit the “ignore” button on those little things. And as for the plants, there’s a trick. If you go through and hit accept VERY QUICKLY, you can accept all twenty plants before it will take you to the next page. You gotta go fast, though. 🙂

  2. Congrats to the new Happy Horror Member! 😀

    I ignore all those Facebook requests, although I do accept invites to guest blogs, etc.. I joined Twitter, but I don’t do anything with it. I’m afraid it would be too much of a time suck.

    I’m on an exciting journey with the American Title V contest! It’s amazing to see how many friends I’ve made in the writing community. I love it!

  3. What’s that thing about great minds, Spy? 😉 I tap the mouse button through those plant “offerings” as fast as I can. Now, I just ignore them.

    I’ve hooked up with some of my closest college friends through Facebook, so it’s not like I can get rid of it now. We all live such busy lives that if we want to talk or find out what’s going on with each other, that’s the best way to go. Like you said, PRICELESS!

  4. Edie, you’re spending your time VERY wisely and I don’t blame you. Twitter will be around after the American Title Contest. There won’t be an American Title VI. So keep making those connections, girlfriend. They’ll see you through to the end. Facebook and Twitter, not so much. 😉

  5. Y’all put me to shame! I blog on two websites, and keep in touch with writing friends via email…that’s about it. Oh, I have a myspace account, and I haven’t been over there for awhile. Like you, I’m writing and truckin’ along! I’m careful where my time goes too. Sometimes I’m just online to check mail, and I’m off again. Too much distraction hampers the WIP, and that’s not allowed. lol.

  6. Facebook is okay. Most of my friends are other college students, and it’s nice to stay in touch. Myspace lost its charm with me and I deleted it.

    I’m with LaDonna. I blog at my blog , visit other blogs, and stay in touch with friends via emails. None of it is a priority. Cyber-land can be a real time-suck.

    Congrats on joining the HWA. A perfect fit, I’m sure. 😉

  7. I know that feeling, LaDonna. My writing time takes center stage whenever I’m on the computer. The only reason why I do these things is for the marketing aspect alone. Of course, the problem with that is you begin to blend in the everyone around you, so what good does it do to “stand out from the crowd” if everyone is telling you have should do this or that? Go figure. Like you, I’m keeping my nose to the pages of my WIP.

  8. It’s interesting you should say that, Kath. I’ve found my closest and dearest friends on Facebook and nowhere on MySpace. My college buddies are there and so are some of my high school friends. Not only that, but now my family is beginning to move over to Facebook, too. While I have family on MySpace, all the other people are writers. That’s why I rarely post anything on my MySpace blog. One personal and one group blog is plenty.

    And thanks for the congrats. Here’s to hoping we fit like puzzle pieces. 😉

  9. Congrats on your new membership Marcia, that’s quite a milestone.

    You know, I’m not the biggest Facebook fan either. I can’t even figure out most of the stuff. And like you,I basically pop on to accept friend requests and the update my status, from time to time.

  10. Thanks, LaTessa.

    I’m getting a little bit better with Facebook…assuming updating my status counts. Other than that, nothing much has changed. If I have time to mess around on that thing, then I have time to write. Guess where my priority is? 😉

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