Urban Fantasy SOLD!


So like, there was this message in my inbox that had my name attached to some weird, unfamiliar title. My first thought was, “Who the hell wrote that?” and “Why are they sending it to me?” 

It just goes to show you that when I’m done with a project I’m REALLY done with it. Done to the point that I can’t even remember its title. Go figure. Anyway, I open up this very short email expecting it to be a rejection for someone else’s book.

Not the case. They had the right, clutter-minded numbskull.

Samhain wants to add STRIPPED to their urban fantasy lineup!!  YIPPEEEEEEEEE!!  I had the contract in my inbox before my morning tea in hand. 

Remember Half Breed?  That Fictionwise bestseller that I forgot to tell people about?  Well, this is the prequel.  This is how Alexa and Matt first met.  While the romantic elements are there, the romance is not the focus of the story.  Besides, I prefer third-person POV for my romances.  😉


Here’s a quickie blurb: Half-werewolf sniper Alexa Douglas is trying to put her unusual life back together while suffering from amnesia and being stalked by a lunatic whose expertise happens to be mind control. Think Kelly Armstrong meets The Bourne Identity.

Liz Kreger, you’ve got yourself a little Samhain sister.  Woohoooooooo!  And as long as I’ll be giving thanks in a few days, a huge THANKS to Anne Scott who fell in love with my story and to Angela James for giving me a hint on how to make it better.  I’d kiss you both if I knew where to find you.  😆


30 thoughts on “Urban Fantasy SOLD!

  1. Congratulations, Marcia! That’s awesome!

    And how funny: I’m the same way. I once wrote a reader back and told her she had the wrong author. Imagine how embarrassed I was when it was me who wrote the story!

  2. I’m still waiting for your eardrum splitting phone call – it just doesn’t feel like a sale without hearing you squeal. 🙂 BUT, congrats anyway, sister! No one deserves it more than you!

  3. Thanks Liz, my fellow Samhain sister! When I think of top-notch epubs in the business, Samhain has always made my personal list. I’m sooooo happy to have finally found a home for my amazing half-werewolf. Squeeeeee!

  4. Thanks Melissa. And I know how you feel about the book-buying rule. I’ve broken it a few times with Carrie Vaughn, L.A. Banks, and Charlaine Harris, just to name a few. 😉

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