It’s Here! It’s Here!

And thank goodness for that.  Look, I know you’re probably sick to death of these voting advertisements, but I have to throw my two cents in, too.  However, I’d like to do it a different way. 

If you voted, then give yourself a shout-out in the comments section.  If you didn’t, then that’s a vote, too.  I don’t care if you voted Democrat, Republican, or picked the guy you didn’t know was running on your state’s ballot–Bob Barr in NC.  Let me hear you scream “Yes, I voted (or not) and I’m damn proud of it!”

This message is brought to you by the person who’s hoping her political party has more sanity than “that other other one”.  😆

***UPDATE***  Okay, I know what I said, I wouldn’t watch the results, but I caught a glimpse while channel surfing.  YAYYYYY for the Senate race in North Carolina!!  The fruitcake, slanderous Dole is out.


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