Ghost Stories myspace graphic commentsI love love love Halloween.  I’ve been so busy this month that I’ve hardly had a second to reflect.  That changed when I walked through Wal-mart and saw the Halloween was cheap and plentiful.  While I’ll probably get a handful of trick-o-treaters at most, I LOVE handing out candy and checking out the costumes.  All I can say is these kids had better be thankful I don’t have plenty of money and time on my hands.  I’d turn my house into a haunted house and and scare the hell-oween out of them.  😈


However, as much as I love my scary stuff, I have limits when it comes to ghosts.  Yes, I’d take on a vampire or a werewolf any day over a ghost.  My family has had too many ghostly encounters over the years and the stories to go with them.  For the longest time, I wondered if we’re a magnet.  I don’t think I am and I’m okay with that.  Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for my older brother.

When I was about five years old, a group of adults and us kids we were walking down a dirt road in south Georgia after having visited my grand uncle’s grave.  He was buried the day before and we wanted to visit his gravesight to for one last goodbye. 

On our way back down the LONG (freakin’ long to me because my legs were shorter than my mother’s forearms), we noticed my brother had stopped a few feet ahead of us.  He turned and threw a rock into a bush (I think) before something in the distance caught his eye.  He stared past our group, and then started smiling and waving like the friendly little snot that he was.  Of course, the adults thought he was smoking crack because they couldn’t figure out who he was waving at.  There wasn’t anyone in the cemetery except us.  Now, mind you, this was in the middle of the afternoon, so there weren’t any shadows. 

My brother replied, “I’m just waving goodbye to Uncle Dean.  He’s standing right there next to that dog.”

I can’t tell you how many adults turned heads.  Their eyes were bulging out of the sockets and every voice choked on silence.  Next thing I knew, my little legs were off the ground and struggling to keep up with my mother’s long strides.  Next thing I knew, she scooped me off the ground and started running down the road with the rest of the adults.  

Now here’s the really spooky part.  When the other family members questioned my brother about the guy he saw, Big Brother described him right down to the overalls, red shirt, and thick boots.  There was even a nice shine to his bald head.  A few days later, my other grand aunt found an old photo in a shoebox.  Uncle Dean was exactly how my brother described him right down to the dog that was standing next to him.  Mind you we had only met him once and he wasn’t wearing overalls.  There was no way my brother could’ve gotten hold of that picture, so how he knew it was Uncle Dean, we couldn’t say.  In fact, I think nobody wanted to speculate after that.  We just accepted it and moved on with life.

So the moral of this story is, if my brother is seeing dead people, he’s not saying.  I don’t blame him. 

Do you believe in ghosts?  Have you ever seen one?  If no, then what do you think you’d do if you had?  I know my answer.  My behind is going in the opposite direction and it’s every man for himself.  😉


21 thoughts on “Ghost Stories

  1. I *heart* *heart* *heart* this month too. It is, you realize, Halloween Awareness month as my blog proclaims.

    I have had some incredibly symbolic, uncanny things happen with animals. I have a strong kinship with them, they seem to trust me. Various creatures tend to herald things in my life, and I’ll have strange almost “Snow White” moments where wild animals will either come right up to me, or appear suddenly very close to me.

    Oh, Mulder, darling, “I Believe”.

    And yeah, bring Zoe on up to meet the Persebunny, I bet she’d kick his butt. *grin*

  2. Great story, Marcia! I’d love to see a relative or someone I know. I wouldn’t run, I’d want to talk to them. My American Title book is DEAD PEOPLE and my heroine talks to dead people. That’s a lot less scary to me than a werewolf!

  3. Leanna, great public service announcement. 😉

    When I was a kid, I had the “one with animals” thing going for me, but somehow I lost it over the last few years. I wouldn’t mind getting it back because it made life interesting then. Not many people could say they had a wild dog go after everyone in the neighborhood, but seemed to steer clear of me. Then again, maybe I had that Omen thing going on. 😈

    And yes, I know Persebunny would kick Zoe’s butt. I swear this rabbit is like a Cassenova on four legs. More bunnies seem to run wild in my backyard now that he’s hanging out more by the doors on the deck. Go figure.

  4. That reminds me, Edie. I’ve been dying to get a look-see of the blurb for DEAD PEOPLE. Can you hook a sister up? 😉

    I think if I saw my dead relatives, I’d try to exorcise them. They’ve got nothing to lose if they blab all of my dirty, dark secrets to the world. And they will, too.

  5. That’s the problem with ghosts, Zoe. It’s the creep factor. To think they were once, flesh and blood and now they’re like in the afterlife, jaunting between heaven and hell? Too scary for me, girlfriend.

  6. Hey Marcia, love your story! And yes, I believe! I’ve never seen a ghost, but feel a strong connection to loved ones gone. It’s one of the reasons I love my paranormal elements. 🙂

    I look forward to Halloween too. We eat winter stew at my daughter’s house, pass out candy, and there’s always something local going on if we want to check it out.

  7. Winter stew, LaDonna? Never heard of it. I’m gonna have to look that one up. It sounds like something warm and steamy one would enjoy while sitting in a cold, creaky cabin. In the woods, no less. *cue creepy music* 😉

    Someone suggested I write a ghost story since I’m so afraid of them. That didn’t go over too well because I couldn’t sleep that night. My overactive imagination was times-ten by the time I finished just one chapter.

  8. Hey, Marcia, it’s printed over at Karin’s place under the Quickie section. Uh oh, I called it Perfect Stew over there. It’s in my Kraft receipe magazine and it’s Winter Stew. The magazine does mention it’s the Perfect winter stew so that must be where I got it. lol. Oh well, it sure is good. 🙂

  9. Hey Marcia,

    LOVE the story. That really fits the month. I, too, love October. I used to get really bummed that Christmas kind of takes over, but I’ve just come to accept it. AND now that they have all those really cool decorations for all the different holidays, I’m fine with it. I LOVE to decorate and always end up buying more stuff at the after-holiday clearance sales… My DS LOVES it, too. In fact, he’s the one finding the best sales…

    Of course, my hubby gets a little upset when he has to pack the tubs and boxes up and down the stairs to our storage room ‘every flickin’ holiday.’ Hey, he was right there when we made the kid, so I keep reminding him that it’s partly his fault that we HAVE to decorate or damage the kids psyche.

    Have a good one!!!


  10. I loved that story!!! Gave me Goosebumps. I would’ve totally high-tailed it out of there like the other adults. Of course, it is nice that your brother saw your uncle as happy, probably in his prime. Gives you a little hope that there is something to look forward to after death. 🙂

    I’m a total Halloween nut. My husband and I usually throw a big bash but this year with everything being so tight we decided to wait. Ugh! But we always decked the house in skulls and scary crap and rent tons of scary movies. BTW: We just saw Quarantine. It was actually creepy. I was somewhat freaked.

    I love watching Ghost Hunters. They catch some seriously scary EVPs.

  11. LOL! Tammy, you’re good a blackmail. A woman after my own heart. 😉

    Yeah, I sort of get bummed when people think October means it’s time to get ready for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas all together. I feel like telling those people to relax on the Christmas stuff because it’s NOT going to help their sales at all this season. In the mean time, give me my Halloween, baby. Oh yeah!!

  12. JT, I LOVE Ghost Hunters!!! Would I want to be with them? Probably not. I wouldn’t make a good ghost hunter at all. I’d end up running from the ghosts instead of to them.

    I have to get my scary movies on this Halloween, since I’m planning to take that day off from work. Maybe I’ll get more creative than the usual sticky things on the storm door. Like maybe a skull or two on some pitchforks sticking out of the deck. Now, that would be interesting. 🙂

    You lucky stiff. I want to see Quarantine so bad. Is it that funky through the camera effect like Blair Witch and Cloverfield? I really HATE that style of filming. It’s hard to see anything happening like that.

  13. Unfortunately, it is like Cloverfield and Blair Witch. But not as bad. I do have a great horror indie film, which I think you’ll love. It’s called Behind the Mask – The Rise of Leslie Vernon. It’s about a reporter who does an expose on a serial killer by following him around and watching how he plans his crimes. It’s really entertaining and well done, especially for an indie film. It references a lot of stuff from slasher flicks which I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of. 🙂

  14. Loved the story Marcia! Gave me the creeps. I loooove October! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! Bring on the scary movies…the older, the better.
    At the risk of sounding like the crazy person most people believe me to be…I totally believe in ghosts. What would I do if I saw one? That all depends on who it turns out to be!

  15. Wow. I got chills all over reading that story! So deliciously creepy. Until I moved to an old mining town in Colorado, I would have told you unequivocally that ghosts do not exist. But once I lived in a town with history, it turned out people I knew and respected — smart, grounded people — had had encounters of the ghostly kind. It’s easy to discount something in a horror movie or a story told around a campfire. It’s a completely different story when your polished, smart, sophisticated boss talks about a ghost they once had, and then others chime in with stories that are sufficiently detailed to create belief.

  16. Oooooo. That’s sounds awesome, Jennifer. Also, I need to hit up your blog again about the killer vagina movie. I’m still laughing about the concept of that one. It brings new meaning to VD.

  17. Another good point, Abigail. I think if the ghost were someone like Heath Ledger, I’d certainly give him a free pass. My family? Oh, heck, no! Like I said, they would know all of your business and tell everyone they possibly can.

  18. An old mining town in Colorado? Ooooooooo, Caryn. Now THAT sounds like my kind of creepiness. 🙂 Even better that it’s not coming from the town drunk or someone who’s spent time in a mental institution. Someone who has nothing to gain by telling that story? That would come more getting my attention, too.

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