Wall Street: The New Skid Row

I usually keep my blog free of current events, unless they involve writing.  However, I can’t let this one go.  Why?  Because my taxes are at stake just like everyone else’s, thanks to  the billion/trillion-dollar bailoutof Wall Street (a.k.a. financial skid row).

Why is it that those of us who pay our bills have to get sucked into this shit?  Whenever I sign that piece of a paper that says, “I agree to pay…” I take it seriously.  I don’t like owing people money because I like being able to sleep at night. 

So, I ask again.  Why is it that we have to help bailout these f***ing companies when some of us have nothing to do with their mess?  They screwed themselves, knowing damn well they gave mortgage after mortgage to the wrong people.  Nobody is there to bail me out, if I give money to people who have a track record of spending their pay check before the weekend is up.  What’s the difference?  

While I understand why we have to put money into AIG, it doesn’t mean I have to like it.  But once again, those jackasses got themselves in that mess because they couldn’t keep their greedy claws off something they had no business getting into in the first place.  What the hell do they know about real estate?  Obviously not much.  If I’m ever late with paying my taxes, I hope I can get a bailout, too.  Yeah.  Right.

But here’s the kicker that seems oblivious to everyone in Washington.  Instead of coming to our pockets for the cash, why not stop the war?  We’ve spent hundreds of billions of dollars* on that war for oil, which we’ve obviously lost based on the price at the pump.  So, why not pull everyone out of Iraq and Afghanistan and put that money to use on Skid Row Street?  I don’t understand why that’s so hard to grasp.  Can someone please explain why that’s not feasible?

One thing is certain.  My vote is ready to go in the upcoming election.  And before you ask, I’m using my own list of criteria to determine who’s the best fit for my needs.  Ovaries, skin color, bullishness, and geriatric eligibility doesn’t mean jack.  I’ll be paying even closer attention to my candidate of choice to see how they’re going to handle this problem.  I got screwed when my job got sent overseas a few years back.  Now that I’m doing better, I’ll be damned if I stand for it again.

There.  I feel better, now that I’ve shared my two cents.  Do you have two cents you’d like to share?  (Assuming it won’t be taxed to help pay for the bailout)

*Thanks for the link, Erica!

12 thoughts on “Wall Street: The New Skid Row

  1. I’ve been pissed about all this for years, and so many of the American public can’t seem to see what’s happening. Today’s headline in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says: Bush seeks emergency powers. Unbelievable.

  2. THANKS a bunch for the link, Erica. I recall waaaaaaaay back when a news reporter said, “We’ve finally hit the billion dollar mark in the war on Iraq.” I knew it was up there in the billions by now, but I never would’ve thought that freakin’ high. Good lord!

    Hellooooooooo, Washington! Wake the f*** up here!!! We suck in education compared to the rest of the world, our healthcare system (assuming you want to call it that) is a joke, and there are people living in poverty. But hey. What do I know?

  3. Say what?! Bush let us sink into this financial rat hole and NOW he wants to do something about it? He’s a day month late and $700 million short.

    Edie, I’m with you on seeing the forest through the trees. I didn’t learn about all of the greedy mortgage programs available until I bought my house. I was floored. Knowing certain friends and family and how they don’t mind their finances, I’d be horrified give them a mortgage loan. And yet, the banks were right there doing it without any checks or balances from Washington. Un-freakin’-believable!

  4. Amen! Why are we having to cover everyone’s asses? Just because someone made it easy for the under qualified to qualify for loans? This sucks dead moose meat shot by Sarah Palin.

    Pull out of Iraq? Not with the present regime, and God forbid, if McCain gets in it’ll be another four years of dead and maimed returning from Iraq. He’s about as likely to pull out of there as Levi did with Bristol Palin.

    And will he be there to support the returning soldiers? NOT. Has he mingled with any veterans lately? Has he walked the streets where the homeless reside? Does he realize that those streets are lined with veterans from Vietnam and onward? NO! The guy is too ELITIST to acknowledge the downtrodden.

    Damn, now I have to go gorge on some chocolate I’m so pissed off.

  5. That’s what bugs that heck out of me about McCain. The guy says he’s there for veterans. Okay. Fine. But he’s married to Mrs. Wrigley. He’s not exactly living poor, homeless, and with schizophrenia because of his circumstances. I wonder how many of them and/or their families have lost their pensions, homes, and way of life because of the current regime? I’d certainly like to know those statistics.

    This financial sh** will happen again, no thanks to the government sleeping on the job of “protecting the American people.” The only lesson the mortgage lenders learned is they can alway count on someone to bail them out of a jam. They’re no better than the teenager who keeps crashing their car because they know mommy and daddy will buy them a new one. They need to grow the f*** up and take some responsiblity for a change.

  6. I agree.

    I won’t vote for McCain because of him picking Palin. I know somewhere in his warped little mind he thinks I’m going to vote for his pet skirt, but I won’t.

    She’s about as anti-woman as a female can get. She’s against abortion EVEN in the case of rape or life of the mother. I’m not saying she could ever succeed in legislating such a thing, but my conscience won’t allow me to vote for a woman who’s greatest happiness would be the enslavement of every woman’s uterus to her government.

  7. 😆 Zoe, I couldn’t have said it better.

    McCain is nothing more than a user of women, as far as I’m concerned. He didn’t go with Palin because she was the best “man” for the job. He went with her because he wants Hilliary’s votes. Everything else is secondary, including his morals. Like I want someone who’s that conniving in the White House. We’ve already got one of those and look what it’s done for us.

    As for Palin herself, I have no love for the woman. She comes off like those female executives who think the best way to get results is to be the biggest bitch in the room. She’ll drive her four-inch heels in your back if you utter one word against her. I don’t have time for that kind of childish politics.

  8. Which shows why McCain clearly isn’t equipped to run a country. If he can’t understand that the “Hilary vote” wasn’t about her having a uterus, then there’s not much that can be done for him. He doesn’t seem to fundamentally get, that a woman that is just a talking head for the men is not a move forward for women.

    And what I find weirdest about the Palin situation is…she is a VERY fundamentalist Christian, and her flavor of Christianity doesn’t believe in women holding any power. She represents quite a schizophrenic image IMO.

  9. McCain is playing stupid, which is not the kind of image I want for my next prez. He said he warned people about the mortgage/Wall Street collapse three years ago and nobody listened to him. This is the first time I’m hearing about it, so as far as I’m concerned, that’s heresay. Pulling the “I told you so” card isn’t helping. Slapping a band-aid on a situation that has metastizied into a malignant tumor won’t do shit unless someone can do something incredibly radical to stop it. Firing people does nothing. and having a whoa-man like Palin isn’t even considered radical in my book. That’s just McCain trying to buy votes using a hussy to do it, who only cares about how to get hers and the hell with the rest of us.

    Yeah, those are the kinds of people I want in the White House. NOT!!

  10. Well said! I so agree — with all of it. The bailout angers me, too. Just because it’s necessary doesn’t make it good, especially since it shouldn’t have been needed in the first place. As for voting for people based on gender or race, it’s just as bad to vote for the McCain/Palin ticket because she’s a woman or the Obama/Biden ticket because he’s black as it would be to avoid either one because the person on the ticket is female or black. I’d love to have a woman in the White House, but Palin is SCARY. We can set a new record next time around, perhaps, with a more qualified candidate.

  11. Well said yourself, Caryn. This should’ve never would’ve happened had the government not relaxed on the laws. Unless things were severly broken to begin with, they should’ve left well enough alone.

    When it comes down to the election, everyone is making this crisis their hot ticket. Great. Fantastic. We’re talking about it. But my vote will still go to the candidate who’s not taking a band-aid approach to fixing this. There’s a reason why my voter registration card says non-partisan. I vote based on the issues that matter to me most. Things like gender and race don’t tell me anything about a person’s character. What comes out of their mouth does. What has come out of Palin’s, I agree. SCARY. If McCain keels over, she becomes president. That doesn’t sit well with me at all.

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