My Visualization Wall

It’s scary to cast our projects out into the world and hope the bait on the end of the hook is delicious enough to reel in a good catch.  However, I needed more than just hopes and dreams.  I needed a physical way to keep my eye on the prize.  So what you see on the right is what I’m hoping to catch.  This is my visualization wall.

I want my latest WIP to be THE PROJECT that lands me one of these fabulous agents on the right.  Every time I walk into my living room, I can’t help but look at that part of my wall.  Then again, if you could see my semi-bare walls, you’d notice them, too.   I’m so not an interior decorator.  😉

Anyway, they’re there to remind me of several things.  First, I believe in my project.  I’ve never believed so much like I have this one.  Whether it’ll be THE ONE remains to be seen.  Second, they remind me of the numerous clients they have whose books I love.  I want to be one of those clients and hope that readers will love my books the same.  Third, they’re people, too.  In other words, they have a business decision to make about me, so it doesn’t make sense to take their rejection (and they will come) personal.  Forth, they remind to me to get my ass in gear and start working on something new in case this project doesn’t pan out.  After all, if landed one of them as my dream agent, they’d probably tell me to do the same thing while waiting on submissions to NY.

This wall also serves a second purpose.  I’ll be easier to keep track of who rejected me and who hadn’t.  Yet. That’s not pessimism.  That’s realism.  It happens a lot in this business.  It’s also why I have more people on that wall than I do submission packages.  I’m holding off because it’s too soon to submit to some of them.  It doesn’t meant they aren’t my dream agents.  Still, it pays to see this as a business first and a dream second.  It’s a lot easier on the sanity, too.  In fact, I’m still looking for more agents to put up there.  If my dreams with one don’t pan out, then maybe they will with another.

What does your visualization wall look like?  Bigger than mine?  Smaller?  Do you have agents for now or both agents and publishers?


13 thoughts on “My Visualization Wall

  1. I don’t have a visualization wall. Yet. I was for a bestseller list, with my name and book title typed in. A check for a million dollars from a dream publisher. A picture of a RITA statue, and my name beneath it. That kind of thing. Yanno. The usual. 😉

  2. 😆 You go, Edie, girl!! You’re on your way, too.

    I kept it simple because I like it simple. While I have the same goals, too, I like the concentrate on what’s most attainable at the time. Right now, that’s an agent. Once I have that, I putting up a publisher wall, a NY Times wall, and an awards wall. Oh yeah. There’s going to be an money wall, too.

  3. Spy, I’m cheering you on. Heck, if I lived in driving distance, I’d help you with yours. After all, helping each other makes the bumpy road to publication more bearable. 😉 As for Edie, her MM post convinced me to give people a peek at my wall.

  4. OH MY GOSH! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m making one right now!!

    Hey . . . can I interview you for my blog on this? And use your picture? Let me know–email me ( I love this!

  5. Marcia – I love your visualization wall. I’ve been doing the same but writing the future into a notebook rather than creating something on the wall. The wall is so much more effective. It’s in your face every time you’re in the writing room. I love it. The first time I visualized goals, I typed them in a word document. That was two years ago and it was amazing how close the dream came to reality but the wall – that’s a much more real, in your face reminder. I have a whiteboard. But maybe it’s time for another upgrade.

  6. 😆 Hello, Ryshia.

    I used to do the same, where I wrote down my goals and dreams or left them on my computer. Ask me where that stuff is now, and I couldn’t tell you.

    The wall takes it a step further for me. It lets me know that my dream is still alive and kicking as long as I continue to pursue it. I thought about getting a white board, too, but with some of the things I wanted to put up there, the wall worked better for them. Plus, that wall isn’t coming down unless it’s with a sledgehammer. 😉

  7. Well now I have to repeat myself – better yet, just go read my comment at Erica’s blog. I am SO behind this week that I visualize myself coming and going.

    The agent hunt is minimal right now. My finished projects are “meh” to me, and while I have one that I’m ripping apart and rewriting, it’s gotta have a new “The End” before I can think of submitting, unless there’s an agent out there who is patient enough to wait. ha ha ha ha

    But I love your theory!

  8. 😆 Kathy, at this point, it can’t hurt.

    The one thing that prompted me to do a visualization wall is my most recent project. I don’t feel “meh” about it. Instead, I feel exihiliarated. Even better, some of that exhiliaration has transferred to my other projects. I say wait until you’re projecy is done and you have this silly grin on your face with dreams of grandeur. Trust me, you’ll be thinking about putting up a visualization wall, too. 😉

  9. What a great idea! There’s something to seeing your dreams right there in front of you that’s very motivating, isn’t there? I’ve been looking into one of those agent-tracking websites, although I already have my own list of agents I already want to target first.

    Best of luck with your agent hunt!

  10. Best of luck to your agent hunt, too Caryn. 🙂 I say take your agent list and pin it to the wall, the mirror, the refrigerator. Anywhere that works. At least it’s a start. Keep us posted on how it goes. I LOVE hearing good news.

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