Movie Review: Traitor

Wow.  If you guys want to see a movie where torturing your character reigns supreme, then Traitor is the movie for you.  I squirmed in my seat just watching every scene come to life.  Not only that, but there comes a time when despite what the main character is doing, you come to care about him and his plight.  Nothing is as it seems in Traitor.  And just when you know the character’s hope is hanging by a thin string, the writer goes ahead and cuts the lifeline.  We’re left sitting there drop-jawed while the poor guy is left to plummet into his darkest hour.

I’m a huge fan of character torture.  I love trampling their safety line and making their worse nightmares come true.  That’s when you find out what a person is really made of.  But this goes beyond the study of character torture.

If you think Traitoris about Don Cheedle being a spy, you’re both right and wrong.  I’m not into spy movies because I’ve seen enough of them.  Even James Bond and the Bourne Identity movies have worn me out.  I didn’t have high hopes for Traitorwhen I paid my money and stepped through the door.  Boy, was I in for a shock.  Don Cheedle isn’t Bond or Bourne.  He’s a man who’s just trying to find some sanity in his insane world.

If you go, I highly advise putting your writer’s cap on and being prepared for a visual lesson in essential story elements.  Dissect it.  Most of the time, I go to movies for entertainment, so I leave my writer’s hat at the door.  Not possible this movie.  The only time my writer’s eye clicks on is when a movie is either very good or very bad.  In this case, Traitor was excellent.  It sticks to every element that makes for a great book.  The plotting, the characterization, the pacing.  It’s all amazing.

Grade: A-

PS.  Guy Pierce, I’m gonna keep my eye on you from here on out.  😉

8 thoughts on “Movie Review: Traitor

  1. I do love Guy Pierce’s movies.

    I was impressed on an intellectual level, but I found Traitor too slow-paced and boring. Mostly because I read two almost-exactly-the-same books at least two times before this. (The first book with this setup and these themes was The Faithful Spy.)

    I suppose if things had been a surprise, it might have been better. In this case, I knew the whole movie within five minutes. I was disappointed.

    If I hadn’t been sick of the same old story, I bet it would’ve been better.

  2. Those who know me already realize I won’t see this movie. Why? (Excuse me for boring those who already know) I’ve gone to the movies twice within the last six years.

    I really DO want to see the newest Richard Gere/Diane Lane movie, but I’ll most likely wait until it’s on HBO. Those who know me are privy to my eye condition. Sitting in a dark theatre and watching a bright screen are ingredients for a major migraine.

    Nice review, Marcia.

  3. Hey Marica, this movie sounds great! I love Don Cheedle and was blown away by his performance in Rwanda. Definitely something hubby and I will watch, probably Netflix later. Looking forward to seeing Twilight in November with baby girl!

  4. I love your comment, Spy! And yes, I’m serious. 😆

    I don’t normally run out to see spy movies, so I’m certainly not going to read them. This might be the reason why I liked Traitor so much. I don’t know the spy genre well enough to see the twists and turns. I can honestly say, I had the movie figured out, too, which is why it got an A- instead of an A. However, it was the getting there that kept me riveted. I had no idea when my guessing would come to fruition. That alone had me hanging on the edge of my seat.

  5. Kathy, Richard Gere and Diane Lane have a movie coming out? I’ll have to go hunt that down on IMDB. I can’t recall the last Richard Gere movie I saw or when it came out. I like him as an actor, too.

  6. Oh my gosh, LaDonna. Don Cheedle was AMAZING in Hotel Rwanda. In fact, I’m probably overdue for watching it on DVD. I see why he received an Oscar nom for that one.

    I’ll be seeing Twilight at the end of the year, too. I just hope it’s not as dead and slow as the beginning of the book. I’m still on chapter one and it’s been about six months.

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