Hurricane Preparedness–Not So Much

Hanna is supposed to pay us a visit this weekend.  While I should be concerned, I’m not.  The first year I moved to North Carolina, a category three hit us.  There wasn’t much damage where I lived.  I couldn’t say the same for other parts of the Triangle Area. 

So what am I doing right now as I await the “tropical storm”?  I’m sitting here on the couch and writing my blog instead of stocking up on milk and bread.  I kid you not.  It’s like everyone south of the Mason-Dixon line runs to the grocery store when there’s even a threat of bad weather.  What people fail to forget is that the last tropical storm that blew through did most of it’s damage at Crabtree Valley Mall and the surrounding buildings.  Thosepeople need to be afraid.  The rest of us?  Not so much.  I’ve got brownies, milk, tons of TBR books, and Bourbon Chicken to keep me company for the night.  😉  A power outage will piss me off, but it won’t take away from my reading pleasure.

The only thing I can say about living in hurricane alley is to keep your eye on the weather and pay attention to the news reports.  Other than that, panicking about it won’t get you anywhere.  If this were Hurricane Ike, then I’d be worried.  As a tropical storm?  Not so much.  My flashlights have plenty of batteries and my grill is ready to go.

All in all, I wouldn’t trade my Hurricane Alley for the Lake Effect Snows of central NY for anything in the world.  That stuff lasts for days, whereas the rain lasts a few hours.  That I can handle.

12 thoughts on “Hurricane Preparedness–Not So Much

  1. We’re hankering down up here in Virginia. They keep swearing we’re getting something and scaring the hell out of everyone with all these warnings. Ugh! I don’t think it’ll be too bad up here. Just lots of rain. Though I really hope we don’t lose power. It’s fun for a little to hang out by flashlight, but I got movies to watch and stories to write. Gosh darn it! (I rented Vacancy and The Orphanage, so hopefully they’re good and scary.)

    Hope you’re dry and well lit! 🙂

  2. It’s the same here, JT. The new reporter just said a whopping two families showed up at the shelter last night. Wow. That’s certainly a reason to run for you life. Yeah. Right.

    So far, we’ve only had 4.5 inches of rain. This will keep going for another 2 to 3 hours, so it could be as much as an inch and hour by the time all is said and done. My advice: enjoy your movies. Make some popcorn while you’re at it. Heck, get some writing done, too. It’ll suck if the power goes out, but at least my TBR pile will be jumping for joy.

  3. I never understood why the weatherman tells everyone to go stock up on milk and bread. Why do people think that’s going to sustain them? Go figure. But it’s funny that the shopping lists for bad weather is one size fits all.

    I’ve lived in Western New York all my life and wouldn’t trade it for anywhere else in the country – seriously. To date I’ve never lost a house at the hands of a blizzard, the basement never flooded and only we lose power regularly in the summer. Only two bad ice storms took out a few trees, and power was out for a few days, but that was only twice in my lifetime.

    So, I’m good living here in the snow belt. I have my North Face coat and boots to keep me warm.

  4. You know the funny thing, Kath? In all of my years of living Utica, I can recall only twice that teh power ever went out for any lenght of time. Here in the south? Forget about it. There can be a slice of lightening across the sky and the brownouts will start. In fact, I’m surprised the power is on right now. Ice storm? Forget about it. The power if going and don’t be surprised if it’s gone for days. I really think the southerns need to talk to the northerns about how they keep their power going even in three feet of snow fall.

  5. I’m only 25 miles north of NY, but we had two massive floods within six weeks last year that hurt our town — 9 feet of water, lots of people in our building lost everything, people were taken out of windows via boat.

    The PD called yesterday, told us to expect the worst and be ready to evacuate. We’re not — we’re on the third floor — but the car is moved to the highest point in town (not losing another car, thank you very much, especially not this one), boiled about 5 gallons of water, the batteries are in everything.

    So now I’m writing.

  6. Believe it or not, Devon, that doesn’t surprise me. When people say hurricane or tropical storm, NY is the last place anyone would think of. It’s either New Orleans, Florida, or here in the southeast. The northeast? Not a chance. So when one comes up that way, nobody really prepares for it. The snow and sleet, sure. But a hurricane? Not gonna happen.

    Even on the ocean, Big Applers aren’t going to spend millions of dollars in levies like New Orleans would. Not for just one or two days out of the year. So, when a hurricane blazes a path to the northeast, it’s easier and cheaper to just be prepared and ready to run. Go figure. If hurricanes lasted as long as the blizzards, then I’m sure NY would have the most technologically advanced levies in the country.

    Until then, stay safe and hunker down. I hope the cold air is cold enough to turn Hanna into drizzle by the time it reaches you.

  7. I love rain. What upsets me is that New Orleans is going to go under. Because when New Orleans really got built up big was before people really understood the hurricane cycle, we’re in a very long cycle now where the hurricanes are largely going to be hitting that area, and they do more damage there than a lot of other places that get hit.

    So it’s very sad to me, because if another big one hits New Orleans, it’s over. And that town has so much amazing history.

  8. I fear for New Orleans for the same reason, Zoe. I have never been there and I really want to go there. Thank goodness it doesn’t look like Ike will hit them head on, though that doesn’t mean they’re out of the woods yet. Friday is a long ways away and anything could happen that it’ll change course.

  9. Tom wants to take me to stay in one of the swanky hotels down there sometime. Hopefully we’ll get to do it before the city becomes the lost city of Atlantis.

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